Sony to Brazilian regulators: 'No rival can overtake Call of Duty'

Sony speaks to Brazilian regulators about Microsoft's $68.7 billion Activision-Blizzard buyout, expresses how big Call of Duty is.

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porkChop422d ago (Edited 422d ago )

That's actually not true. No one is even trying to go after COD anymore. Battlefield came really close. It would have taken over had EA/DICE not repeatedly dropped the ball every time.

It can absolutely be done. The problem is every time anyone tries they either don't understand why people enjoy COD, or they hamstring themselves by focusing on gimmicks and bad ideas.

None of this matters though because the industry has moved past COD and onto bigger things like Fortnite and Apex Legends, both of which are still available on PlayStation.

Sonyslave3422d ago (Edited 422d ago )

Yup which is funny all the other major parties are saying the complete opposite of what sony is saying and is giving example like Apex and Rainbow Seige Fortnite Geshin Impact etc.

Riots games have more faith in sony Naughty Dog then Sony 🤣🤣

Extermin8or3_422d ago

And yet if you look at sales and revenue and profit COD is miles ahead every year.

Nitrowolf2422d ago

Yet none of those are annualized and charging full price and still getting the sales and playerbase to match.

Being f2p helps a ton for those games, but even siege, a paid experience, doesn’t match the sales of cod

XbladeTeddy422d ago (Edited 422d ago )

CoD really is losing ground because its the same thing year in year out and they milk it too much so people eventually get bored of the same crap.

dumahim422d ago

Technically it can be done, but in the current state of things, no other publisher is going to throw as much resources towards it as Activision. I think that's the angle Sony is looking at it from.

crazyCoconuts422d ago

The fact that no one is trying to go after COD anymore, which consistently makes a ton of money every year on their annual installment, is evidence that it's very difficult to do and supports Sony's statement. Microsoft's habit of acquiring the companies with the biggest cross platform games like COD and Minecraft is certainly concerning. So far they haven't turned the screws, but if they did with COD and Minecraft and took it off of Sony's platforms that might be considered anti-competitive behavior.

DeathTouch422d ago

If it’s that easy to come up with solid IPs and go head to head with major established ones with just a bit of dedication, I wonder why Microsoft payed billions for them while they could’ve payed a lot less forming new and better IPs, by your logic.

porkChop422d ago

At no point did I say it would be easy. I said it can be done. It isn't impossible.

chadwarden422d ago

Sony with all their data/metrics/studies/surveys says one thing. Internet expert disagrees based on anecdotes.

Kornholic422d ago

Battlefield, even though a successful series and often the superior game, never came even close to Call of Duty numbers when it comes to sales. Don't try to rewrite history.

DeusFever422d ago

When I see that everyone has given up trying to compete with Call of Duty, I see that as evidence that no rival can overtake Call of Duty. Just sayin’.

porkChop422d ago

I see it as everyone moving on to something more profitable in the long run, which would be ongoing free-to-play and BR games. No one is going after COD because it's unnecessary at this point. Even Activision went the BR route with COD Warzone. Destiny 2 went free-to-play and has been hugely popular, and Sony will own that franchise soon.

-Foxtrot422d ago

I'm glad Sony isn't going after COD because I wouldn't want to see COD clones in the form of Killzone or Resistance for example

Even something like Uncharted 2 started out amazing multiplayer wise, it felt like the single player and all you had was two boosters that didn't make a difference after a while, then with Uncharted 3 and 4 they started to add gimmicks and COD like features which just made everything arcade like and over the top.

We need more skill based multiplayer games, not Call of Duty clones.

porkChop422d ago

I agree, they don't need to go after COD. Just focus on other types of multiplayer games and provide experiences no one can get anywhere else. Killzone has the potential to be a big shooter franchise but it seems like Sony killed it off. I really wish they'd remaster KZ2 with the multiplayer included.

DeathTouch422d ago

They really butchered Uncharted’s multiplayer. Sometimes less is more.

neutralgamer1992422d ago

Man COD is a monster simple as that. It comes around end of October or November and becomes the best selling game of the year

Now this year might be different with ER and GOW. Even in a down year for COD it sells well

TheRealHeisenberg422d ago

"None of this matters though because the industry has moved past COD and onto bigger things like Fortnite and Apex Legends, both of which are still available on PlayStation."

I think people are trying really hard to convince themselves of this but the data just does not support it. I for one don't even play COD and can still recognize how popular it remains...makes me sick to stomach.

BLow422d ago

This is why people like you don't run a corporation. Just because YOU don't like COD doesn't change the fact that it is still a juggernaut every year. Not many games for that and they've been doing it for well over a decade easy.

No disagree from me because you are entitled to your opinion. I need to stay off this comment section lol.

porkChop422d ago

I'm not saying it isn't a juggernaut. It seems like everyone misunderstood what I was actually saying. COD is big, yes, but it isn't untouchable. Nothing ever is. We've never seen a proper competitor without either a botched launch or terrible decisions that kill the game. No publisher has dethroned COD because they don't even understand why people like COD in the first place.

fr0sty422d ago (Edited 422d ago )

COD: Vanguard was the top grossing game by revenue ($200,000,000+) of 2021, mobile included. The world has not yet moved on from it.

oof46422d ago

And this was a down year.

King_Noctis422d ago

You seem to know more than Sony themselves.

Profchaos422d ago (Edited 422d ago )

We see these same arguements year in year out with each release from gaming community's starting I'd say around 2009 or so about the blops 1 or MW3 timeframe.
It's the same thing every year:
people will grow bored
Activision will milk it to death
There's nothing new
People that play cod are not real gamers
It's the cod crowds fault take X sucks because they tried to adopt y mechanics.
Battlefield will beat cod this year

And so on but after 15 years of annual releases every year Activision drops a cod and people eat it up the only years that see challange are years when a gta drops or cod quality drops off like infinite warfare or vangaurd.

Personally cod isn't my type of fame I really enjoyed cod 4 and waw when I was studying and had more free time but 15 years on I don't have the same luxury of seemingly infinite lesuire time and I like to see actual progression in my camera so I stopped buying it years ago after MW2 original and I've very rarely dropped back in for the campaign mostly and it's always been fun enough it's like quake in a way I know what I'm getting and that's ok I don't need much in the way of innovation.

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Sonyslave3422d ago

GOOGLE: They highlight all their different initiatives (mini games, VR, Play Pass, developing exclusive games for Stadia until 2021, etc).

Alternatives to COD could be Battlefield, Counterstrike or Rainbow Six. Alternatives to WoW would be Lost Ark, ESO Online or Guild Wars 2. And alternatives to Candy Crush would be Puzzle Quest or Bejeweled.

They also highlight other important franchises from ABK such as Overwatch, Diablo or Hearthstone, including possible alternatives (according to Google, Fallout is an alternative to Diablo).

roadkillers422d ago

In my opinion, Call of Duty is a competitive online shooter. Both Fortnite and PUBG surpassed Call of Duty in revenue. PUBG premise was extremely fresh and new. Fortnite took that concept, turned it into a kids/adults metaverse like game and ran with it.

421d ago
roadkillers421d ago

^ Which games made it like PUBG?Massive map with a bunch of players needing to find weapons? If it wasn’t, it sure popularized the genre.

Father__Merrin422d ago

There's no solid alt to COD it's had blips ie WW2 games but the rest upon release people flock to it because it offers quick burst gameplay combined with more deeper gameplay.

No other game offers that quick match like Cod does. Sure someone may prefer something else over COD but as a direct competitors there's not a chance

sparky77422d ago

Damn you can really feel the fear Sony has of this acquisition, if MS made it exclusive Sony knows their gaming business is pretty much dead.

I do wonder what Sony will pay them to keep it coming to Playstation.