Xbox Rewards site is now live

Head over to register for xbox rewards. This program allows the user to gain prizes for achievements unlocked.

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Zinswin5706d ago

Anyone else not able to sign in to the rewards site? I've been trying for 4 hours now with no luck...

iballa5706d ago

I cannot get into the page about the rewards too!
What are theses awards and does stripclubDJ get a mansion for all his points?!?

Havince5706d ago

i just get a white loading screen AND THATS IT

Nascasho5706d ago

Guy's, try using FireFox web browser.

Joe5706d ago

I've tried different browsers. I used Mozilla, Firefox and good ol' Explorer. It still waiting. I got an error message from Mozilla that the page contains no data!

Either, this page is FLOODED with requests, or something is broken.

Havince5706d ago

now i can even get on it, ity just says ERROR WE ARE REALLY BUSY, THIS SUCKS

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