Yosuke Hayashi: no loading screens in Ninja Gaiden Sigma

In a recent interview the director of Tecmo's Ninja Gaiden: Sigma, Yosuke Hayashi, revealed that due to the PS3's hard disk, players won't be bothered with loading screens while playing Ninja Gaiden: Sigma.

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D R Fz5244d ago

Ps3 has all the right features and now the right games are taking advantage of them. This is great news for Sony and the Ps3 gamers. Ninja Sigma without the loading screens and with the other excellent enhancements will definitely give more people a reason to get the PS3.

ElementX5244d ago (Edited 5244d ago )

Is that because you install the game? Are users going to have to install a gig or more of each game? (I'm just guessing a Gig). Seems that large HD will fill up pretty fast if you download demos, movies, music, porn, extra content, and more porn. *shrug*

I guess you can always install a larger HD... but still, I don't like the fact that you have to install games on a console to make them run faster.

DJ5244d ago

He wasn't very specific. Most devs are just using the built-in hard drive for data caching (like for Oblivion), which isn't permanent, so I'm pretty sure that's what he's referring to. Once I get mine I'll probably shove in a 160 gig drive and just put the 60 gig drive in my laptop (it needs more space).

nice_cuppa5244d ago

i want to compare it to the xbox original (black version).

SEAN16175244d ago

those are in game pics nice,
ingame hd video of sigma go and spread your hate if your a hater like all fanboys but if your cool then more power to you.

T-Virus5244d ago

I can't wait for all the PS3 forums saying "This game is too hard. Wah wah wah" lol.
It's a VERY hard game.

r10005244d ago

Yea i heard that about this game... I like challenging games but I don't want to be frustrated....

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