Nioh Dev's Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Is Getting a Playable Demo in the 'Near Future'

PushSquare : We haven't actually seen anything of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty since it was revealed back in June, but that action-packed, graphically gorgeous trailer definitely pulled people's attention.

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phoenixwing188d ago

I'll probably buy it if it's anything like nioh

solideagle187d ago

I want it to be like Ninja Gaiden, more actiony. We already have Nioh.

VenomCarnage89187d ago

Eh to each their own, I'll take souls combat mechanics over a button mashing hack n slash any day

Lightning77187d ago

@Venom If you button mash in NG you'll get owned, trust me. You have to expertly chain combos plus you need quick reflexes. It's I much, Much rather have a NG style gameplay than souls style. It's just more to me.

oIMyersIo186d ago

I mean we already have Ninja Gaiden as well.

Though a new entry would be fab.

I don’t necessarily prefer one style over the other and a blend between the two would be interesting for sure. To each their own though, different strokes for different folks.

phoenixwing188d ago

Is it on game pass because I have that for my PC?

Sonyslave3188d ago

It coming to game pass day one

phoenixwing188d ago

Thanks for the info. Hopefully it runs well for pc.

jznrpg187d ago

Gamepass or PS Plus doesn’t makes a game good or even support the devs enough to make a new game . Why do you many of you guys feel the needs to advertise Gamepass for every game that comes on it ?
Actual sales are what keep the industry going not subs for MS or Sony .
Buy some games cheap mofos it’s the only way our hobby will thrive outside of the big companies and even then you should buy the 1st party games that you really love . Vote with your wallet or you will get whatever the hell they want to give you and I for sure don’t want executives deciding which games are the best you will get all games as a service always online MT battlepass BS .
I know a lot of xbox people “say” they buy games the really good games but the sales numbers show that’s not the case .
Gaming is a hobby and hobbies need money to flourish !
It’s a lot cheaper than some of my other hobbies by a wide margin as I get hundreds to thousands of games for just one item from another hobby so stop being cheap bastards .
If you are a kid or a college student or going through a rough time I get it but if you are an adult and work etc you should be able to buy at least 10 games a year without it hurting you .
People here act like they are 3rd world country poor and can’t afford to buy games but I would suggest don’t have hobbies if you can’t even buy a handful of games a year , your priorities are messed up (in US I admittedly don’t know other countries economic situations with much detail) .

Even if you only buy the games you truly love that’s better than relying Gamepass or PS plus subs .

Kerppamaister187d ago

Because of game pass i can buy more games. It saves me a tonne of money which I can spend on other games.

CrimsonWing69186d ago

I think it's because having access to the game Day 1 for only the price of a subscription service makes it more accessible to people. I've talked with people who said they've played games they normally would've never went out to buy because they were on Gamepass.

gamer9183d ago

100%! win for everyone involved. Particularly me as i wouldn't have paid full price for this but will definitely play it now that it's no extra charge.

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Lightning77188d ago

Demo in the near future probably means a early 2023 release. Here's hoping it's more like Ninja Gaiden.

Day one on gamepass ain't too bad either.

Fishy Fingers187d ago

Said Early 2023 in the reveal trailer.

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