Yellow Dog Linux 6.1 for PS3 now available for public download

PS3-Sense writes "The famous Yellow Dog Linux 6.1 for PS3 is now available for public download. This new YDL uses the graphics memory of the Playstation 3 which means alot of applications will run alot better. The new version offers features like IBM's Cell SDK 3.1, Firefox 3.0, and OpenOffice 2.3."

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---SLUG---4454d ago

Twice the ram available to the OS should make a huge difference. I just might have to give YDL a second shot...

Oner4454d ago

I have YDL 6 but I want to try out 6.1 but will wait to see what other people say about it. Here are some REALLY cool things you can do within YDL

Gameboy Advance
Sega Gamegear
Sega Master System
Sega Genesis
Turbo Graffix 16
Ultimate Doom PC

And for those of you who don't know, all of that does NOT violate a warranty. Here are a couple of videos of some of them in use/play

Playstation 3 running Super Nintendo, Genesis, TG-16, NES

Playstation 3 running MAME

Playstation 3 running Gameboy Advance Gameboy NeoGeo SMS Gamegear

Other Emulators on PS3 Linux

Bnet3434454d ago (Edited 4454d ago )

I have a question do you have to download the roms and emus through the actual PS3 or do you download them from your PC and transfer to PS3? Please respond because I'm itching for some emu goodness, I haven't played any in a long ass time.


Thanks. I have another question. Is it hard to install YDL on PS3? Are there any risks? Because I don't want to lose anything on my PS3 HDD and I never used Linux ever but that's not really a problem. So is it easy to get this running?

DoctorBonzai4454d ago

As long as your PS3 is connected to the internet, either method works.

Bnet3434454d ago

Nevermind, I am reading the Installation Guide. I' such a lazy motherphucker I wish there was an easy way to do this. Maybe if I take the time but man this looks great. MAME running on PS3 is like an old school gamer orgasm.

xwabbit4454d ago (Edited 4454d ago )

Owner you know a video or link to do all this. Cus man.... i really want all of it LOL.

Oner4454d ago (Edited 4454d ago )

Xwabbit ~ Here is where I found most of my info and help

Or you could just PM the guy @ Youtube as he is also on the forum link I just posted. On a side note I have to laugh at all these immature uninformed 360 fanboys running rampant around here...they just don't want to see or believe the capabilities in what Sony gave with the PS3. It's actually sad that they can't see past the bias. But whatever, it really doesn't directly affect me as I can do a hell of a lot more with my PS3 than my 360 right out of the box and I sure as [email protected]#% enjoy it.

As for installation of my YDL 6. It could not have been easier.

1) Download YDL
2) Burn to DVD
3) Backup PS3 gamesaves or do a complete backup to an external HD (I didn't have to do any of that as I already partitioned my PS3's the day I got them).
4) Partition PS3 with 10gb alloted to Linux
5) Go to System Settings -> Install other OS
6) Restart
7) Put DVD in and follow instructions for installation. Hell with YDL 6 I didn't even need an additional thumb drive for the otheros.self file...EVERYTHING was on the YDL DISC!
8) After about 45 minutes I had the best Linux OS available for the PS3.
9) Install additional drivers/software to use my DS3's in Linux
10) Go crazy with Emu's.
11) Enjoy the best capable console ever. Period.

GrandTheftZamboni4454d ago

I'm wondering whether to install YDL or Ubuntu. I know YDL was done specifically for PS3, but since I already use Ubuntu, I'd probably be more familiar with it.

Do you have any suggestions in that regard?

Oner4454d ago (Edited 4454d ago )

NP Xwabbit.

@ GrandTheftStreetcar ~

Hey man go with what you know! What's the worst that can happen? You have to re-install something else? No biggie! I have heard a lot of mixed things about Ubuntu on the PS3 though...some say it rocks but most say it's "eh". Here is some info I just found browsing the site I posted earlier.
"Topic: Which is the best type of linux version to install on my ps3?

valczir ~ *DISCLAIMER* I'm a senior at Bethel University and a computer science major, so things that seem easy to me may seem difficult to others. Also, I'm very biased against GNOME because they don't allow much costomization, have an ugly interface, sucky applications, and because it's bloated almost as much as Windows is. ...Ok, maybe not that bloated, but it's closer than most other interfaces available for linux. *END_DISCLAIMER*

Ubuntu will be one of the slowest distros, as it's one of the worst optimized out there (in return for being pretty darn easy to use). SuSE is about the same, 'cept that it uses RPM rather than Aptitude for package management (personally, I prefer Aptitude). I'd strongly recommend going with xubuntu rather than ubuntu - XFCE4 isn't nearly as bloated as GNOME. Worst case, use kubuntu, 'cause even though KDE is bloated, it runs about as fast as GNOME and has tons more features.

Yellow Dog is pretty much the best PPC distro, and the PS3 is PPC, so I'd suggest at least trying it. Also, it has the best graphical interface around: e17, which is faster even than XFCE4 and prettier than KDE. It's a little weird to get used to, but it's an amazing interface. The one thing I don't like about Yellow Dog is that it uses a modified version of RPM for its package manager.

My personal favorite is Gentoo, no doubt about it. It has the best package manager out there (portage) and is probably the fastest linux distro you can get. The disadvantage to gentoo is that it's really hard to install on your average computer.

However, installing gentoo on a PS3 is a cinch. You just have to set up your hard drive, then extract a .tar.gz file (linux's version of .zip) to the main partition, then reboot. And you're done. Of course, you still have to install a few things, which can be difficult if you're not comfortable with the linux command line, but if you're willing to learn, this is the best distro out there.

If you want to try installing gentoo, I can link you to a good guide. Otherwise, I strongly recommend trying YDL first. If you don't like it or can't get it installed (I've never tried YDL - gentoo is the only thing I've installed on any computer in a couple years, with the exception of my grandma's computer, which runs xubuntu), try xubuntu. It will run significantly quicker than normal ubuntu or kubuntu, and the interface is pretty smooth.

In summary:

#1) Gentoo [if you can handle the command line] (you decide which programs to use - gentoo essentially becomes your operating system, built by you, for you, also has the best package manager out there and runs the fastest due to optimized binaries compiled for your specific hardware, which isn't actually all that important on the PS3, but i digress)
#2) Yellow Dog Linux (best window manager, designed for PPC; however, uses modified RPM for package management, which sucks)
#3) Xubuntu (good desktop environment, uses aptitude, which is ok)
#4) Kubuntu (mediocre desktop environment, mediocre package management)
#5) ubuntu (sucky desktop environment, mediocre package management)"
So for me (this is Oner now) I went with YDL for it's unmatched support & it is designed specifically for the PS3 plus it's still easy to use since I am still VERY noob to Linux. But you can tailer all versions of Linux on the PS3 to make the environment better like stopping services & other things to help speed up or make the experience a bit tweaked.


GrandTheftZamboni4454d ago

You make it too easy:) I think I'll give YDL a try.

Oner4454d ago

NP man I've been at this for years (it's what I do). If you want to check out where I usually hang out go here ~ been a mod for the console sections for 6+ years now.

GrandTheftZamboni4454d ago

Thanks again, Oner. Never heard of the site. Seems very well organized. I've spotted few things of interest already...

QuackPot4454d ago

Might have to give YDL another go as well. Hope the Ubuntu, OpenSuse are granted access as well.

BTW. Sony should have just bought the YDL developer and made their own sleek, fast, OPTIMIZED linux distro for the Ps3 - Sony Linux OS. Plus preinstall on the Ps3. It's not too late.

C'mon Sony....then port it to the PC. Hell yeah!!!

Oner4454d ago

Cool GrandTheftStreetcar hope you'll find what you may need! We aren't as small as it may seem...we are very well known for quite a range of things and with over 4 Million posts & 3/4 of a Million forum users I think there is a lot of information that can help just about anyone ;)

thunder4454d ago (Edited 4454d ago )

a link to the mirrors! be like Ron Popiel, "set it and forget it", it will take a long time to d/l.

@Oner you said "9) Install additional drivers/software to use my DS3's in Linux" what drivers/software is needed? isnt everything in the ydl 6.1

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xwabbit4454d ago

Yeah very nice, ill give it a try too.

DoctorBonzai4454d ago

Awesome news.

Looks like I'll finally be getting some use out of YDL now. :D

Ps3Fanboy7774454d ago

Yellow Dog be doggin mIcro like they aint nothin. You try and perpetrate the Yellow Dog and get barked upon son... Two barks and a ruff ruff motherF.. Yea... Bowdown.. Or go spread more FUD like we all know you do! Yell OWWWW Dawwwwg! *throws up weird finger thing*

SONYSLAVE4454d ago

need another crack rock i got you dawg!! give me a holla

gameraxis4454d ago

if the ps3 chatpad is compatible with LYD? scroler and keypad??

thanks in advance for the info

Oner4454d ago

That's a good question. Time to hit the net...

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