Sony Aims to Increase PS5 Supply For Holiday Season as Component Availability Improves Significantly

During Sony’s quarterly conference call, chief financial officer Hiroki Totoki talked about the situation of the PlayStation business.

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darkrider314d ago

It will be hard to do that. The supply issues are affecting so many areas...

Vengeance1138314d ago

The title literally says supply issues have improved significantly so no it won't be a problem.

Army_of_Darkness314d ago

Supply significantly improving sounds very promising. Gonna be quite interesting to see who sells more consoles this holiday.

CaptainHenry916314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

"Gonna be quite interesting to see who sells more consoles this holiday."

With GOW launching this holiday and if Sony says what's true about the supply in this article, I know which console will sell more this holiday.

darkrider314d ago

They already told this before...

LittleChris2016314d ago

Your all title readers, in the article he said he "Hopes" that this will be completely resolved going forward, not that it is a certain. I really hope it does get solved and everyone can get their hands on one as I'm waiting for one myself, but stop reading just titles and read the actual article, that's the problem with you kids these days, you see a headline and if it aligns with your hopes then there's no need to dig any further....Tiktok generation

Mr_cheese313d ago


People were doing that long before TikTok.

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darkrider314d ago

I did. Last year they told they got enough chips. The reality wasn't that. Now they are again saying the same. Sony is having huge shortage of supply since November... They got weeks selling 120k or 140k...

neutralgamer1992314d ago

I saw actual PS5's for sale at the Walmart so that is a good sign


Not really since XSX has been available in stores for a long time now

thesoftware730314d ago

I have never seen an SX in stores or a PS5 lol.

I do see SS though, my local Walmart had like 5-6 SS.

neutralgamer1992314d ago

Yes I was surprised to see actual next generation consoles in store haha. And readily available instead of seeing pictures of the lucky few who got them

I think supply issues will be resolved a lot sooner than we think. Ms had already figured it out and XSX is available at most stores and PS5 is also becoming available. This is great news for gamers and even better news for scalpers now they can move on to scalping other things

Obscure_Observer314d ago

"It will be hard to do that. The supply issues are affecting so many areas..."

No more excuses for you.

darthv72314d ago

So you just are never optimistic... about anything. Always downplaying Series sales and now doubting Sony with improving mfg.

darkrider313d ago

I just Dont believe it will get better. There is a huge crisis hitting the world. The war in Ukraine and the fear for Taiwan.... Series sales are pointless. They don't have games for a year. Who cares about sales of something that doesn't have new games...

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Fonsecap314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

After 2 years of its launch there is a tiny possibility that you may have the opportunity to go to a store, in the holiday season, so, in about half a year, and get out with a ps5 on your hands... After 2 years... That's rich

crazyCoconuts314d ago

And what a crappy two years it's been. Hope you get one soon and get to catch up on some of the games you've been missing

Fonsecap314d ago

I have one, I'm just comment and saying it's bad for those who don't have

46player314d ago

Bring on the PS5 Pro! Time for an upgrade!

phoenixwing314d ago

You should buy a PC if you want to upgrade so constantly

Shiore2u314d ago

Plus he'd at least have more than five games after two years of ownership.

jznrpg314d ago

Nothing much releasing on PC only worth getting or I would build one again .

46player275d ago

I will have a PS5 for sale in excellent condition for retail price at the TBD date. 👍🏼

Good-Smurf314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

Good now it just a matter of I saved up enough for PS5 as I gradually buying its games in anticipation for months now.

kayoss314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

Finally, I can get a 5th one to resell and make extra money to feed my 6 children and my pet llama.

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