Valve won’t allow awards and reviews on Steam store images starting in September

Valve is making a big change to the way developers can market their games on Steam. Beginning September 1st, graphical assets developers use in their store listings will only be able to include game artwork, the game’s name, and any official subtitle. Images won’t be able to include review scores, award names or logos, text that markets discounts, or text promoting a different product.

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porkChop121d ago

I actually think that's a good change.

lelo2play120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

No. It's not a good change. Don't see the big deal of developers promoting their games by including banners of reviews in their store page.

What Valve should be changing is their review system. A review system that's based on a positive or negative recommendation is severely lacking...

Giblet_Head120d ago

They're not taking away their ability to promote their games on their OWN store page, it's the header images on the storefront and library cover art where reviews and award logos obscure even the title of the game. Valve wants more uniformity in header design so it's clear and concise at a glance. It's a welcome mandate that improves readability.

Petebloodyonion120d ago

Why is it bad for Steam?
I prefer having a neutral design that allows me to see the title and art picture instead of dubious award and reviews.
As for the Steam reviews, they are perfectly fine and allow you to promote decent reviewers that actually played the game instead of ppl just spamming 0 on Metacritic because the game is made by EA, Sony, MS or another evil publisher that the user don't like.

Jin_Sakai120d ago

I mean they’re just gonna slap the few best reviews the get on the picture anyways. So I don’t see this as a bad thing.

Stanjara120d ago

They are not gonna slap anything after September.

Why is this upvoted?

mudakoshaka120d ago


Because Jin_Sakai is giving a good example on how it is now and would have continued after September. However, you are just taking the piss. They get an upvote and you get a downvote.

thorstein119d ago


You might be misunderstanding the statement. He is stating that they currently "slap the few best reviews on the picture anyways." (ie not any bad reviews, etc)

This isn't "a bad thing" because they are doing away with that practice.

UltimateOwnage120d ago

Good call. I like clean cover art in my library, not art littered with what amounts to ads, usually citing any random reviewer that gave the game a decent review score to make it look “impressive”. I go by the actual reviews from other players on Steam when making an informed purchase, I don’t need the game to try and sell itself to me.

Outlawzz120d ago

Good riddance. Those review scores are pointless and annoying

sourOG120d ago

I like steam honestly I’m just not much of a PC player. Is that steamdeck still impossible to get?


Pretty much. I preodered the day of release about 9-11 hours after it went live.

I just got notice yesterday that I can fulfill my order.

LordoftheCritics120d ago

''Best game evarrr'' - UnicornFarts

''One of a kind experience''- HawtGamers

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