Wii copies 360 with NEC eDRAM

The Nintendo Wii will use the same NEC eDRAM for its graphics processing as the Xbox 360, NEC has revealed today.

10MB of fast RAM, embedded in the graphics chip, allows enough buffer space for anti-aliasing to be added to graphics 'for free'.

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OutLaw5819d ago

People better keep an eye on Nintendo. Their system sounds more stronger than they are letting us know about.

TheMART5819d ago

The Wii and 360 are the only ones with this bufferram which makes a very good datatransport from the GPU with 256GB ps, Sony stays behind with shared 512 main memory by CPU & GPU devided without this embedded Ram

Oh yep for sure Sony is loosing this battle on the Wii60

Killswitch5819d ago

I had just psted up a story i recieved from a partner. And the graphics was amazing, they have something up there sleeves and when it's all said and done we will be in a state of shock. Nintendo have a game coming out to where you can make a person, you become the person,and you are the person thats why their adding a camara to their joy stick. Believe me people it's gonna be huge!!! oh yeah and i ain't talking about the sim's

Lucidmantra5819d ago (Edited 5819d ago )

Heres my responce in your so called NEWS ARTICLE.

yeah and a posted pic of Crysis (not confirmed yet for anything but PC). Someone please take this guys life before he infects my human genepool with his inferior strain. Nintendo has said time and again they are interested in innovation over graphics this generation. Their Hollywood and Broadway CPU/GPU are not anywhere near as good as the Cell/RSX and Waternoose/C1 and they don't want to be about the race to the fastest best graphics. They want the Wiimote controller to speak for itself and bring innovation to the way we play games.

That doesn't mean at all it will not have decent graphics. But it isn't about that with them. Enough to aid the immesion they want you to have with the Wiimote controller waving it around and stuff.

OutLaw5819d ago

Your article was all whacked out. You had no site to confirm your news and your writing didn't make sense. You just put what you thought that should be news and try to submit it. It is not done that way. I would be very shocked if they post it.

Don't think I'm trying to get on you. I just didn't understand what you was trying to prove.

Marriot VP5819d ago

give me stats and price SOON. They really have to tell us in the next month at least. 6 months away, what are you guys afraid of.

Gh0stDrag0n5819d ago

Looks like the Wii will be the "trojan horse" in this gen. of consoles.

Lucidmantra5819d ago (Edited 5819d ago )

It would be funny if Nintendo did trick Sony and MS though and played the Possum and rolled over playing dead and then blew em away. But with the size of the system I don't see it having the power. The system board for the Gamecube was lonely and small but DAMN how could they pack something along the lines of PS3 and XB360 into a box half their size. We shall see though. Nintendo is playing it very very quiet. Almost scary quiet.

And where is the power brick for this system?? It must be huge too.

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The story is too old to be commented.