Bungie says it’s reduced communication with players due to ‘real threats’ towards staff

From VGC: "Bungie has stated that it’s reduced the amount of communication it has with its player base due to harassment and threats.

In a reaction to a Reddit post noting that Bungie was responding to users far less frequently, one user replied: “That’s what happens when developers receive harassment and death threats over a video game.”

When another user suggested that the focus on “the rude minority” was “a deliberate PR-driven attempt to reduce communication without backlash”, Bungie community manager ‘Dmg04’ claimed that the situation had gone beyond merely rude remarks and had escalated to threats."

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CrimsonWing69128d ago

It’s a wonder it took them long enough to figure this out…

fr0sty128d ago

This is a cop-out excuse... every game developer gets death threats and the like... that is no excuse to not do their job. If the threats worry them so much, they need to close their doors for good and get a safer job.

Christopher128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

***every game developer gets death threats and the like***

Yeah. That's the problem genius.

***that is no excuse to not do their job***

Their job isn't to communicate when people who treat them like garbage want them to, just when they need to. Implying they're not doing their job because they aren't casually discussing things anymore is a pretty flawed view.

***If the threats worry them so much, they need to close their doors for good and get a safer job.***

Victim blaming at its finest.

Killer2020UK128d ago

Jeeeze fr0sty, that's one hell of a stupid take.

iF U ArE thREatEnED aT WOrk u sHuD GeT A SaFEr j0b 🤦‍♂️

Mr_cheese128d ago

Let's hope the sun comes out and melts you away Frosty

DarXyde128d ago

....You serious right now?

I'm genuinely asking if you're trolling. Assuming you're not being facetious.... This is a very bad take, lad.

Imagine having a desk job and receiving death threats, and some ticktock says "you should've found a safer job". They make GAMES, and you're blaming them because their community has fringe elements when nothing in their games to my knowledge would invite this kind of societal riffraff.

My days, this is embarrassing.

Roarke127d ago

Another entitled gamer…

yuukiliu127d ago

Just bring a gun to work and protect yourself right :/. Yikes man, you need a reality check

fr0sty127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

As I said, every dev of a popular game gets threats... yet they keep doing their jobs, they don't cut off contact with the people whose money keeps their studio open. Bungie is the only one, and I'm not buying that they aren't using this as an excuse for that reason. Politicians get death threats, they still vote. Musicians get death threats, they still play shows. Actors get death threats, they still make movies. Allowing a threat to prevent you from doing your job is allowing the terrorists making said threats to win. That doesn't mean ignore the threat, it doesn't mean don't take necessary precautions to protect yourself against the threat... it means don't cave to it. Other game developers are able to have open dialogue with their gamers and they are not getting killed left and right, Bungie can pull it off too.

pietro1212125d ago

What an asinine thing to say. How about people growing the F up and not threatening anyone over a damn game. Nobody is subject to harassment and threats over video games. If you can’t handle that you’re in the wrong hobby.

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HeliosHex128d ago

Bungie taking full advantage of the safe space.

-Foxtrot128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

Oh totally

Like there is threats, it’s the internet, but developers are taking advantage of saying this, probably making it look worse than it is so they have an excuse why there’s no communication or why they haven’t done a good job. Gamers then fight with one another, calling each other out and it becomes a mess or in the companies eyes a huge distraction away from them.

Lack of updates - Blame threats
Bad direction for the game - Blame toxicity
Poorly written characters - Blame bullying

S2Killinit128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

I disagree wholeheartedly. Not saying this isnt something used by devs, but the internet is one shit storm and Im sure you wouldnt want to expose yourself and your family to its dark side either.

John_McClane128d ago

Report the threats to the authorities, don't make all the gamers pay for the toxic few.

Eonjay128d ago

The authorities? Most of the time they don't even know where these people are?

John_McClane128d ago

Pretty easy to track them down.

fr0sty128d ago

But they don't, that's the thing. If they did, politicians would be having folks arrested left and right.

Christopher128d ago

***Pretty easy to track them down.***

Holy crap, this is the most ignorant statement I've seen in ages.

kayoss128d ago

They did take action against the person who made the threat. When you have a threat by a community, you need to back off and assess the situation. Take the best course of actions to insure the safety everyone that maybe impacted.
In todays world people are unpredictable and capable of anything. Just look at the mass shootings, road rage. People are literally killing others for petty things like, “McDonald’s forgot to add cheese to their burger.”
Bungie reducing their communication with the community is the best course of action. Remember, you don’t know if this person have more than one accounts.

Rude-ro128d ago

They have gone after two of them..
And are asking for multiple millions from them because it turns out they also worked on cheats against the game out of spite and anger

John_McClane126d ago

For those disagreeing and down voting my statement "Pretty easy to track them down" see how long it takes the law to come knocking on your door if you threaten someone "important" on social media.

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MIDGETonSTILTS17128d ago

When threats prevent you from posting an update roadmap (something most studios due without issue, assuming they are confident in meeting their proposed milestones on-time), the terrorists win.

That sucks 343 received threats, but didn’t their lack of a roadmap precede this? They’ve been afraid of due dates ever since they had to postpone launch by a year.

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