Q&A: Gamecock's Harry Miller crows

Gathering of Developers' cofounder talks about getting the band back together and providing indie studios with a new way to get their original titles made.

When it was formed in June of 1998, the Gathering of Developers was intended to be a different kind of publishing company, one that could treat independent studios better than existing publishers without sacrificing profit along the way. However, after running into money trouble multiple times, the company was acquired by Take-Two Interactive in 2000.

Now two of the original Gathering of Developers executives have reunited to have another go at creating a publishing alternative for independent developers. Gathering cofounders Harry Miller and Michael Wilson today announced the formation of Gamecock Media Group, and revealed the company's initial slate of five games.

The company line is that Gamecock will bring originality and humor back to gaming, and the initial lineup of games reflects that objective. Gamecock has already confirmed a zoological party game from Stubbs the Zombie developer Wideload Games, a film noir-inspired action adventure game in a world ruled by bugs, and a game about fungi in the midst of a civil war.

However, the type of games it publishes isn't the only unique aspect of Gamecock. GameSpot asked the publisher's cofounder Harry Miller about the business model that allows it to take chances on original franchises and smaller developers while still getting its games in front of a large audience. And yes, he also explained the reasoning behind the company's name.

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