8 Yakuza games coming to PlayStation Plus in 2022, starting this month

Includes Yakuza: Like A Dragon and the entire  Kazuma Kiryu saga.

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Majin-vegeta720d ago

I already own all these digital+physical.So good to see more people will get to enjoy them.

Wonder why Fist of North Star isnt being added

italiangamer720d ago

Because it's not a Yakuza game, simple as that.

CrimsonWing69720d ago

Yep, licensing fees and whatnot.

RpgSama720d ago

So excited about the next Yakuza Like a Dragon I enjoyed that game much more than I thought K would have, went and got the platinum and everything.

IMissJimRyan720d ago

Yeah. I played them on GamePass, but it's good to others play those games.

Mobis-New-Nest720d ago

I'm still wondering why Horizon Forbidden West Delux Edition hasn't been added yet. Still hopeful it might get added in September 2022. Come Sony, do the smart business move and add all your first party games Day 1 on PlayStation Plus Premium.

mkis007720d ago (Edited 720d ago )

How is that smart? you just admitted to want to spend $18 for one month whenever a game comes out rather than $70 per game? Their sales are perfectly fine so low sales isn't a valid reason. Relying on subscription numbers is a losing game. You can't guarantee enough people will sub. 20 million subs doesn't beat 10 million copies sold at $30. (my average of the cost of a game over 3 years) For one game you make 300 million vs for the sub plan at 20 million paying 10 dollars a month (200 million) you have to pay out to all those developers before you can even count your money.

No chance it comes to plus plus this year. It will come when sales die down.

SeTTriP720d ago

This is a dumb idea for a franchise thats almost certain to hit 10mil lifetime.they would lose 10's if not a hundred million dollars.

Two years from now when the horizons, ghost and gow's do come to the service xbox might be in trouble.they have nothing to compete with this line even years down the line.

Its called strategy.

SeTTriP720d ago

I just brought judgement the game is great don't know how I missed it so now I'm planning on buying all the yakuza games so this is great for me.

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andy85720d ago

It's early days but this new service is looking better and better. The full Yakuza series! And with the monthly games this month too. Fantastic month

Muigi720d ago

Never played any of them, good excuse now to try these out.

SegaSaturn669720d ago

That was the only Yakuza game I was missing. Might be the best month of all time for me.

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Yakuza's Turn-Based Brawl Still Feels "Like A Disappointment" After All This Time

Fahad from eXputer: "Yakuza combat trades the series' classic brawling for menus and strategy, leaving some fans missing the beat-'em-up thrill."

isarai79d ago

It completely murdered the series for me. I love beatem ups, it's my favorite genre, always has been. The Yakuza series has always been the golden standard of that in my opinion and the annoying part is that they only went turn-based because of the reaction to a April fool's joke. Turn-based was something that I could never really get into despite trying. I wish I could get into it but it just does nothing for me and so when this game decided to go turn-based it just completely killed my favorite series which just really sucks.

Amplitude78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

I finished LaD and LaD:IW and still am of the opinion that the combat is absolute trash. Just the same couple animations over and over and over and over and SO much grind to unlock each new animation for each job. Really absolutely despise the combat and the systems built around the combat - still played through them though and would definitely put IW up there as a GOTY contender. Theres soooooo much more to do outside of the combat and the storytelling has just gotten phenomenal - but god damn i wish it had the classic combat.

The_Hooligan78d ago

You don't like any turn-based games or just the turn-based gameplay in the Yakuza games? I ask because I haven't started any Yakuza games and I was going start with either 0 or Kiwami 1 because I also like beatem ups more than turn-based. Although I don't mind turn-based games such as Persona, FF series or a good JRPG.

isarai78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

I don't like turn based, i tried over the years especially cause a lot of turn based JRPGs look rad af. But it's like nails on a chalkboard for me. Rare acceptions wete like pokemon and World of Final Fantasy. I actually own a copy of Persona 5 royal to try and tackle some day, but im honestly kinda afraid it's not gonna click for me either.

TheEroica78d ago

Playing yakuza 0 for the first time now. My first yakuza game ever.... Really enjoying it. Love all the little random beat em up battles and learning the systems.

CantThinkOfAUsername78d ago

Any game I'm interested in that uses a turn-based combat system gets the YouTube treatment. I tried playing turn-based many times before and I hate it with every atom of my being.

One example: regular mobs that you could have one-punched and moved on already take ages as everyone reaches their place, uses their attacks one-by-one then you get your turn and still miss with 99% so-called accuracy, yeah, I ain't sitting through all that shiz.

gold_drake78d ago

lets not pretend that yakuzas beat 'em up "battle system" was anything but basic.

thats not why ppl love the series.

isarai77d ago

That's a huge part of why the og fans loved the series, not the only reason, but certainly a big part.