Resident Evil 5 PS3/360 Demo Comparison

Gametrailers writes:

We pit the two demos against each other.

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- Ghost of Sparta -4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

Okay seriously you'd have to be a retarded fanboy to deny the fact that both versions look identical. They look exactly the same in this comparison.

Seems to me like Gametrailers finally turned on the PS3's 'RGB Full' option.

Anyway kudos to Capcom.

sunnygrg4328d ago

Crap, if only my eyesight was 20/20.

iamtehpwn4328d ago

Usually high end graphical games end up suffer one or the other consoles, but this is simply even.

Conan9974328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

How do you get the PSN RE5 demo.

Wasn't it added to the Japanese store on Thursday?

Just searched the JPN PSN store...didn't find anything.


cherrypie4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

First, you say "Dont be a retarded fanboy....They look exactly the same in this comparison."

Then you say:"Seems to me like Gametrailers finally turned on the PS3's 'RGB Full' option."

Which only a retarded fanboy would say. Or, are you saying GT is part of the vast anti-PS3 conspiracy?

Nice try.

morganfell4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

Well they are not identical. Watch the motion blur effects. Especially the second sequence when punches are being thrown.

@ Cherry pie, It's a good thing Gametrailers has never lied about the comparisons.

You also are obviously unaware of the infamous Assassin's Creed screwup.

EDIT: And just so you are aware, Gametrailers is owned by MTV, a Viacom company. Relevant? Maybe:

jwatt4328d ago

Wow I'm really Impressed with Capcom when it comes to multi platform games. For a minute I thought there was going to be a differnce between the two since they always showed the 360 footage but they both look identical and awesome.

Danja4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

Actually this version looks way better than that one.....XD

nah both games look identical props to Capcom

but RE:5 isn't as graphically impressive as i thought it would have been....or maybe PS3 exclusives has spoilt my eyes...XD

soljah4328d ago

aren't these 360 vs ps3 comparisons getting old already. in the case of the ps3 lets move own. we should compare uncharted 2 trailer(naughty dog) to re5(capcom) and see who is really taking advantage of the ps3 hardware this gen.

to me re5 graphics looks like a gamecube game compared to uncharted 2

BrunoM4328d ago

Hummm kool 2 videos to see what video looks the best ... (now who cares just tell me were do i get the ps3 demo as a real gamer thats all i care about il leave the fight of what part of the video that looks the same looks better to you guys)

so wheres the demo at what store do i get it from humm ??

DocEvil4328d ago

Your vague consiracy implications are non existent. Companies like Microsoft and Sony are huge and they are bound to have multiple deals reaching across multiple companies. Sometimes these companies compete and other times they are in partnership. The Windows OS is on Sony laptops and cellphones and you can buy/watch sony movies and music in windows, on the Zune and on the 360.

With direct deals like these going on are you honestly expecting anyone to believe that Microsoft is needling Sony by using comparison videos of third party cross platform games on gametrailers which is owned by MTV which is owned by Viacom who once had a business dealing with Microsoft as part of an overall business deal concerning HD DVD and Paramount... but the deal may be disolved now that HD DVD is dead. PLEASE! Quit being such an effing fanboy.

thewhoopimen4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

Is it me or does it look like when the main character is shooting the skulls in the comparison vid that only ps3 shows bullet holes in the wood after breaking the skulls?

Take a look. I'm not kidding.

You can see the bullet impressions left even in the back room by the ps3 version. Just follow the laser. On the 360, there is no such bullet hole mark.

ThanatosDMC4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

I can't believe they're gonna try to top Leon S. Kennedy's badassery with Chris who look like he ate two godzilla-sized bottles of steriods. At least, Leon was more realistic.

"Rain or shine... you're going down!"

If Chris starts doing some acrobatics, like how Leon dodged or didnt dodge those lasers... then i'll be like "WTF?!"

But, im buying two copies of this game for online co-op!


Wow, nice find about the bullet holes and the skulls. You've got good eyes. Yes, the PS3 has it and 360 version doesnt have it... isnt it weird that the bullet holes are so easily seen in such a dark room in a wooden building. They're practically white eyeballs.

ProperFunked4328d ago

agreed 100%, these sites seriously need to get over this comparison bullshitt. there just trying to fan the flames and its really really sad. i cringe(sc) every time i see a "360 v PS3 [insert game title]" video, who gives a fvck anymore, let us just play in peace for fvck sake, my god.

Rock Bottom4328d ago

I see, GT are not using PS3 for both versions.


ultimolu4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

You're right.
It looks about the same.
Definitely getting this game now.

cherrypie: There is a video on youtube which clearly shows that Gametrailers unfairly compared the PS3 version to the 360 version of Assassin's Creed. The settings for the PS3 weren't even displayed correctly.

So um...your argument fails.

Pika-pie4328d ago

Knew Capcom wouldnt let us down :)

phosphor1124328d ago

ONLY difference is contrast. That's not even with ALL parts of it, you can tell at about 10-15 seconds, you see the guys shorts as it the screen pans, on the 360 it looked lighter while it went to the ps3, it looked darker, but that is the ONLY part i noticed it.

TL:DR exactly the f*ckin same.

Jamegohanssj54327d ago

ROFLMAO! Rock Bottom, that was so funny to me.


vickers5004327d ago

"to me re5 graphics looks like a gamecube game compared to uncharted 2"

I didn't know there was gameplay footage of uncharted 2 already out. Could you please point me to it? Unless you are talking about the cgi trailer, which is, you know, CGI. But you wouldn't be referring to that though, because that would be stupid.

I know people can't be that stupid (to compare gameplay to a cutscene trailer) so just point me in the direction of the uncharted 2 gameplay trailer, I would very much like to see it.

morganfell4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

Vickers you have a lot to learn. You should educate yourself before you make certain comments. While the Uncharted trailer was a 'cutscene' it was in engine and in real time. Just like the first Uncharted, Uncharted 2 doesn't use CGI. That is the game pal.

I know you were all set to hate on the PS3 and find some sliver of hope to keep your 360 from being crushed by the reality of the PS3's rendering capability but that hope is dead and long gone.

BrianC62344327d ago

DocEvil is dead wrong on this. Everyone knows Gametrailers always does what they can to make 360 games look better than the PS3 version. They turn off options on the PS3 to make the graphics not look as good or maybe they use component cables instead of HDMI. Whatever they can get away with. Just face it, everyone knows it's true.

vickers5004327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

"I know you were all set to hate on the PS3 and find some sliver of hope to keep your 360 from being crushed by the reality of the PS3's rendering capability but that hope is dead and long gone."

Wow, way to make generalizations. I love ps3, I have 18 games and 7 blu rays for it. I have 7 games for my 360 and I never play it. So I would suggest stop making dumbass assumptions like that before you go and assume I am a fanboy.

But all petty defensive ignorance aside, you cannot compare cutscenes (in-engine or not) to gameplay, because it always looks completely different than the actual gameplay itself.

We here at n4g need to stop this idea that a game is better looking than another game based on a trailer. Look at Killzone 2. While still the best looking game this gen, the first trailer was not the real gameplay. Same as Motorstorm, BioShock(the tv trailer) and that nintendo wii racing game (don't remember the name). That kind of thinking always leads to problems.

Rock Bottom4327d ago

Uncharted 2 doesn't make RE5 look like a n N64 game, but, you;'re wrong about the deference between in game engine cutscenes graphics and in game graphics, and it seem that there\s no way to talk you out of it.

So, if I may suggest, why not compare RE5 in-game engine cut-scenes with Uncharted 2 in-game engine cut-scenes, and see the deference.

morganfell4327d ago

@DocEvil. My implications are not nonexistent. They exist because I made them. Whether or not there is reality behind them is another matter. But an implication exists as soon as it is recognized or made. I hate to throw common sense deduction at you but you were asking for it.

Think what you will but there has been a hand, perhaps organized, perhaps not in far too many matters concerning negative publicity about the PS3. Sony is responsible for it's own fair share of mistakes, particularly in the early days of the PS3.

But some events, unavoidable coincidence, reek of influence. The only question that remains is whether that influence was accidental (and some of it was) or directed and controlled. And I believe some of it was and is. MS makes its 360 bones quite often on what they claim the competition is not. Or what the competition does not offer rather than on what they are and what the 360 offers. Every time MS panics they send Greenberg out to make an ass of himself with such claims. Peter Moore used to offer the same 'service'.

I remember when Heavenly Sword came out. I have never seen such an attack on a game before trying to claim faults from too short to the fact it uses QTE - as if that were a fault. Yet that game stands as a remarkable achievement in story telling. And the fact is the play length was far far greater than many claimed.

When Uncharted released many saw the title for what it was. Simply the best adventure game ever with a graphical achievement that easily stands it in the top 3 games on consoles to date. Yet the game wasn't so much attacked as it was outright ignored, as if outlets pretended if it didn't exist it would go away. Yet Uncharted had some of the best AI ever. It was a rousing ride with wide variety of gameplay mechanics and a battle system that was perfect. And it requires more finesse to animate a lifelike human skeleton rather instead of a tank. From the voice acting to the motion capture Naughty Dog nailed it to an oak floor.

Yet the game was shut out of most GOTY nominations all together. What makes this so odd is if you poll people that played it - not claimed to have played it but actually games it then you know they were amazed.

I won't even discuss the attacks on MGS4 and the cutscenes. Never mind the majority were interactive and never mind the full blown gameplay sections offer an experience twice as long as Gears of War 2 or most other shooters for that matter. You had sites like Kotaku publishing articles such as "Lowest MGS4 score yet."

You see it usually isn't outright lambasting that is employed. Rather more subtle methods such as misleading euphemisms instead of truth are published. That makes it easy to label people pointing out such inconsistencies as conspiracy theorists and then laugh them off.

It's like the EGM cover.

The editor then, Dan Hsu, said he got a good laugh at showing the Sony executives that when they met at a gathering. That cover came mere months after the PS3's launch. Now let's compare. The RROD issue on the 360 has been a huge matter. A one billion dollar issue. When was the last EGM RROD cover? Okay, how about an EGM cover with negative 360 connotations? Well?

Then came Gametrailers first public screwup AND PUBLIC ADMISSION THEY DID NOT HAVE THE SETTINGS FAIRLY ADJUSTED ON THE PS3. You can say my theory isn't valid but the events supporting it certainly exist. Then you have the now infamous PS3 for 360 switcharoo noted several times in this thread.

You also had one of the individuals that does actual video work for Gametrailers attacking the PS3 on his Gametrailers blog. I mean a flamethrower rant. Gametrailers was quick to point out he wasn't paid staff. But the fact is this is one of the people responsible for putting together Gametrailers videos.

These are only a very few issues I have mentioned. When crap piles up to a certain level in the room and starts to stink. When it obviously has half digested food in it you didn't eat, you have to question if someone else isn't coming in at night and taking a dump in your house. When it all keeps pointing in the same direction you have to start asking at what point do you cease calling it mere coincidence.

As I said, some of it is just group mentality without control. But some of it points beyond that to a conscious concerted effort. If not national then at least at the corporate level. Dan Hsu's actions are proof of that.

And remember, just because you are paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you.

wii ftw4327d ago

i've seen many fanboys but you take the piss! My god your deluded.

Yes the ps3 will crush the 360 because of 'motion blur effects.'

Haha okay. You are going to be sorely disappointed aren't you when the 360 and ps3 practically tie for 2nd this gen. No one will be crushed unless you factor teh wii into the equation.

vickers5004327d ago

"and it seem that there\s no way to talk you out of it. "

How am I wrong? MGS4's cutscenes look way better than the gameplay sequences. Gears of War's cutscenes look better than the gameplay sequences, etc. It's a matter of opinion. It's just stupid to compare cutscenes to ACTUAL GAMEPLAY is all I am saying. You CANNOT sit back while having not seen actual gameplay of uncharted 2 and say that it is better looking than RE5.

Just like you cannot say that Killzone 2 is better looking than Gears of War by watching the first trailer (even though KZ2 does look better), you cannot credibly say that.

Dannagar4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )


I noticed the bullet holes in the wood on the PS3 version as well. So I decided to look into it by simply booting up the demo and going to the same area on the Xbox 360. My first couple of shots didn't produce bullet holes. Then I moved ever so slightly and tried again and it produced bullet holes. So I guess you have to be at the right angle to make those. I'd imagine it's the same for the PS3 Demo.

skagrerrrr4327d ago

quote: "Seems to me like Gametrailers finally turned on the PS3's 'RGB Full' option."

You are a retard.

morganfell4327d ago

And you can't read. Otherwise you would understand the rules of the Gamer Zone.

IdleLeeSiuLung4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

I strongly believe you see what you want to see.... and I definitely see no concerted effort of multiple websites/magazines making an attempt to undermine the PS3. Could it be that multiple outlets just happen to agree? or must it be some kind of conspiracy?

What I do see is that you sound like a PS3 fanboy to me with your ranting. I might be wrong, but I'm just telling you what I personally perceive from the few posts you made here.

dantesparda4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

According to this comparison, but i gotta say, and i know i'll get alot of hate for this, but i dont think the game looks that good graphically and plays like sh!t. And i should know , cuz i have the Japanese 360 demo. Now dont get me wrong the game plays the same as any other RE before it and especially like the last one, RE4 (one of my favorite games of all time). But these play mechanics just dont cut it anymore! The inability to walk/move while your aiming is just disgusting to me and unacceptable! As for the graphics, they are not bad, but some of the textures are just bad. Very flat and very low res. But what else is new on these consoles (PS3/360), as they are both starting to show their age to me.

And to all the haters of these comparison videos, can youse STFU! I like these videos and i have both systems and its good for me to see how they compare. So fvck off with your anti-comparison video bullsh!t. Just dont watch them if you hate them so much. Besides its obvious the reason so many of youse hate them is because they usually show the 360 winning.

CViper4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

There are only a few game engins that do this realtime:

1. Crysis
2. Killzone.

Lets stop pretending Motion blur is some easy feat for a game engine to do. Its not. Kids.

THe 360 hasn't shown it can handle it with any game engine. Especially the lol Unreal engine.

THe blur that this uses is probably like all generic game engine blur, its just a post process.

You isolate the character model, and 'blur' the world around it with 1 vector from the camera.

Unlike Crysis & Killzone2

Every object including the camera has its own motion vectors. So a box flying at you will have motion blur based on how fast its moving even if you are still.

The 360 cant do that.

gaffyh4327d ago

@Danja - Your not the only one feeling that way.

I played the demo on 360 and I'm actually a little disappointed. It's more like Gears of Resident Evil, than Resident Evil. If the game is like the demo (i.e. action based, rather than Survival Horror) then I don't think I will like it.

Don't get me wrong though, I love Gears, but Gears should stay as Gears, and Resident Evil should stay as Resident Evil. :(

Traveler4327d ago

That's great. They look almost exactly the same. Capcom did an excellent job.

As for all the people who say they are sick of these comparison videos...would you please kindly be quiet. I am so sick of people complaining about these comparisons. Look guys and gals, many people like me own both consoles and these videos do help us to decide which version to get. It serves a useful and valuable purpose to have these comparisons and I really appreciate the sites that are still willing to do them for us.

As for the OP and his comment about retarded fanboys, well...that would be fine and I would agree with you, except the fact that you turned around and made yourself look like a complete fanboy with your conspiracy theory comment. Seriously, people need to stop with those kinds of unsupported claims and wild conspiracy theories. It really makes you look ridiculous. You know why the PS3 version of Assassin's Creed looks a little brighter than the 360 version? It's because that is the way it really looks--not bad, just a little brighter and not as much contrast as the 360 version. I have compared both versions and that is the truth, Gametrailers did a completely fair comparison there.

CobraKai4327d ago

I think for a true comparison, they should remove "playstation 3" and "xbox 360" from the video and replace them with
"system A" and "system 1". Then let gamers decide, it'll at least keep the fanboys at bay for fear of supporting the wrong console.

morganfell4327d ago

Just one of the major differences between you and me Idle Lee? Honesty. I don't deny I am a fanboy. You try to lie to yourself and say you are not. Yet when I went and viewed your profile it was one attack on the PS3 and Sony after another.

No subterfuge or false pretending from me on the subject of consoles. I step right up and lean into the pitch.

On the other hand, honest self reflection is obviously foreign to you.

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TrevorPhillips4328d ago

i don't see any difference at all. but ill just get both to see if there are different modes etc

strongbad14414328d ago

There is an obvious difference between the two
On the 360 version, the buttons shown on the screen are different than those shown for the PS3 version!

Haha, I just felt like pointing out the difference, despite the fact that it has absolutely nothing to do with anything relevant.

ProperFunked4328d ago

please dont get just watching out for you man, save ur money, flip a coin or something, but you don't need both.


the 360 ver has wicked online!

GlibGamer4327d ago

If by "wicked online" you mean screaming 12 year olds, then yes... You are correct.

MorganX4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

I notice some differences in contrast, particularly in cut scene portions. Depends on you preference as to which you prefer but it was noticeable. I tend to like higher contrast myself.

But both look awesome! Looks good enough for me to pre-order, for PS3 of course. All things being equal I prefer the high-fidelity sound of the PS3. But before I order I'll have to make sure it supports trophies or else its 360 baby.

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Highatus4328d ago

Huge difference here, clearly niether console can render Alice at all...


Who the hell is Alice anyway?

power of Green 4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

On my new hp touchsmart 504 IQ the 360 verison clearly has superior contrast, color and textures. The 360 version is sharper, 27-28 seconds in the 360 version has graphical effects missing in the PS3 version period, no amount of attacks will change that.

I'v noticed there is alot of anti MSFT news post on this site now that are simply not true.


EDIT: Don't cry you have to pause it to see the what Im talking about or it could be your inferior PCs nothing you'll be seeing in action lol.

Don't pay attention to the dissagrees and attacks I get or the claims that the devs got both the exactly the same they are not.

Fox news N4G's is/\.

Beg For Mercy4328d ago

of green whatever man i tried my hardest to find a differnce and couldnt find one your just a fanboy it dosent matter anyway though cause ps3 has games that outclass the 360 in every single way

steck674328d ago

Yea, I was trying to find out what you were saying power; did'nt find anything, they both look exactly the same.

power of Green 4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

My PC shows me more detail than everything I'v ever had.

The PS3 version is not the same resolution dude I risk my bubbles telling the truth on a site that does not want to hear it(plus source divice).

Clearly not the same I put my life on it.

EDIT: By the way where do people see the demo on the actaul consoles?, I can't find it on XBL.


#1.5 I agree the 360 has RGB as well. I don't get why people try to use that as an excuse as if that has something to do with rez, missing effects and deeper darker colors etc. RGB is just an advanced color format(HDMI enabled) that needs an HDTV and a HDMI cable that can support the format.

Megatron084328d ago

Well the differnce its huge the 360 does have a higher contrast then the ps3.

steck674328d ago

Im guessing Megatron too is watching the comaprisson video on his hp touchsmart 504 IQ -_-

mrdxpr24328d ago

power of green is retarded his exacly like pp... they both look exacly the same exacly and i have a high resolution monitor and it shows that both are exacly the same... i was pausin and some times ps3 was blury but other times 360 was blurry they both the same damn thing ok.... no diference at all ... if anything we need to know how was the ps3 setup and if all where high res then they are the same but if not the things might change

Obama4328d ago

Well clearly POG is full of sh*t. No surprise there.

Information Minister4328d ago

So not only do you think you know better than the rest of us but also that your hardware is superior to ours? Talk about self-righteousness!

Rofflecopter4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

doesnt PoG belong in the open zone where fanboys argue? i thought the gamer zone was reserved for mature discussion.. and i thought the mods should be taking care of fanboys poisoning the gamer zone..

pog = http://www.myconfinedspace....

jadenkorri4328d ago

hes bitter against the 360, simple and final, hes just another fanboy defending his 360, WHY?, because he regrets buying it, and lashes out on the ps3 cause its better, he feels stupid for buying a 360 and tryies making himself feel better by believing that the 360 is superior, and not forget he most likely bought an hd dvd, and is pissed at blu ray, which is also another reason to hate the ps3...

Xlll4328d ago

How would you know what hardware specs the rest of us have?

mirroredderorrim4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

.... please, cease to exist.

plain rice4328d ago

Please dude don't even try to convince anyone with your BS. HP touchsmart monitor? lol

Irving4328d ago

Lol POG is down to 2 bubbles and poor guy has to keep editing his posts. Reminds me of nasim and other blind fanboys.

Menchi4328d ago

How anyone could even begin to agree with this lame POG is beyond me.

He doesn't belong in Gamer Zone, he's a seriously blind fanboy, and if anyone takes his opinion seriously, I feel sorry for them.

ultimolu4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )



You never cease to amuse me PoG with your comments. Please do continue...because I enjoy watching you make a fool out of yourself with ignorant comments that make little to no sense!

Pika-pie4328d ago

I thought I would download the HD version just to see what poor fanboy was talking about.. And I still cant, they are identical other than one looks slightly lighter in some scenese, anything to do with contrast can be altered on the TV/Monitor.

Take your 360 fan goggles off! Get a life!

Antan4328d ago

"it could be your inferior PCs"

Inferior PC`s? and all you have is a HP Touchsmart 504 IQ?

LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

lordgodalming4327d ago

I didn't want to give PoG's thread another reply, but I had to tell Rofflecopter about his new bubble. Chair-glasses = Win.

eliasg4327d ago

hahahahaha, the class games, resistance and LPFlop :D:D:D:D

Fanboy Slaughter4327d ago

Not to beat the dust off of a dead horse or anything...I just wanted to contribute to the vocal incineration of PoG, and it's finally good to see his bubbles popped down so hard.

Oh, and PoG, your PC sucks. You dropped $1200 down on a PC whose CPU only has a 667Mhz FSB?! With Integrated Intel graphics no less?! Wow, that's like the K-Mart of GPUs.

My custom build from March of 2007 will STILL run circles around your PC any day. So enjoy your illustrious descent into the one-bubble brigade.

Gun_Senshi4327d ago

With the price of his hp smarttouch I could build a PC that can run all x360 exclusives maxiimun graphics. Example L4D Mass Effect etc.

GIJeff4327d ago

so, you really think a touchscreen monitor made by HP is going to be better? LOL. Hilarious. Simply Hilarious. Face it, you bought that thing because you were too dumb to work a keyboard.