Roblox's Infamous "Oof" Sound Effect Has Been Removed Due To A "Licensing Issue"

Roblox has announced that the infamous "oof" sound effect that plays whenever someone dies has been removed from the game due to a "licensing issue."

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GoodGuy09194d ago

Wut. I thought it originated from this game lol.

curtain_swoosh194d ago

naaah, from a youtube video xD

Glemt194d ago

Nope, it was originally in the video game Messiah.

deleted194d ago (Edited 194d ago )

First they come for the oofs, next they'll be coming for our Wilhelms!

Aussiesummer194d ago

I knew what it was and I've never even clapped eyes on the game, I'm pretty sure it's from a youtube video and that person cottoned on to the use of it.

Glemt194d ago

It's from a video game called Messiah originally.

It's shameful and greedy that a game that is valued that more than 40 billion dollars US (2021) didn't even to bother licensing a sound but just stealing one. Considering Roblox business practises in general, I'd sue them for a whole heap.

Aussiesummer194d ago

Are you really surprised that a huge company tried to fuck others over? How else do you think companies and people become huge?......

SaveFerris194d ago

Roblox must be like "oof" when they got the news. Same with the fan base.

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