4 Million Users Played Fortnite on Xbox Cloud Gaming as Microsoft Boasts Next-Gen Leadership in NA

During Microsoft's financial conference call, CEO Satya Nadella and CFO Amy Hood talked about the Xbox business.

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Lightning77242d ago

Next gen Leadership in for 3 quarters in a row.

Not too bad. It'll be interest to see how they do this holiday with out any big releases and GoW coming out.

littletad242d ago

Typical of IGN to misquote him and make it seem like he said the market leader of worldwide sales this year. He clearly said NA market. Worldwide, Sony has been winning, with Xbox only winning for a few months.

Abriael241d ago

Quoting verbatim is hard. 😂

Bathyj241d ago

Quoting literally means to repeat verbatim. If it's not verbatim it's paraphrasing.

VenomUK241d ago

Satya Nadella says "Over 4 million. People have streamed, the game to date, including over 1 million who were new to our ecosystem.” He's not specific on the devices people were playing it on so whenever I read obfuscation my ears prick up.

This confirms at least one million brand new players on iOS and Android devices that were previously prevented from doing so by Apple and Google. Part of the three million who already had Xbox accounts are likely, I presume, playing on iOS and Android devices.

darkrider241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

Winning... Microsoft is losing from day one. They still lack what matters. Games. It's one of the worst gen of Microsoft. Months and months and months without games... Total lack of organization, planning, zero. You cant even remember when was the last game launched by Microsoft? When will be the next big game.? Sales are because of the crossgen cheap s that is always available.

Eonjay241d ago

Its pretty amazing that the Xbox outsold the PS5 so many months during the stock shortage and still didn't manage to beat it in NA those three quarters. I think the window for Xbox winning back NA may be closing now that stock seems to be returning for the PS5.

anubusgold241d ago

@darkrider plenty of games on gamepass too many to chose from. I gifted my Nephew a 3 month card for summer break hes never been happier.

gamer9241d ago

Xbox has had plenty of games just not big AAA ones like Sony this year. However Starfield is much more ambitious than sequels to horizon and god of war. Xbox is bring some new games to the table and they have a jam packed 2023.. if they stay on schedule.

Lifexline241d ago

You mean Nintendo is winning lol way to thwart reality. Don’t give me Nintendo doesn’t count they do count and they are smashing the competition by a landslide.

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anast241d ago

Imagine paying all that money for a streaming box...

Gunstar75241d ago

Imagine being sony and having to pay MS all that money for azure so they too could have a streaming box.

Grow up fanbaby

VenomCarnage89241d ago

Can't get sales numbers, can't get games out within a decade of purchasing a studio, won't reveal any metrics that actually measure anything of value whatsoever, but here's how hard our Fortnite numbers hit!!

moriarty1889241d ago

Very true. All those studios and STILL not a single new IP or game has come out from them yet. Pitiful but so typical of MS owned studios.

Gunstar75241d ago

I'm sure they are just painting their nails. No games coming

gamer9241d ago

A lot of must have new IPs coming out on PS5 this year? Xbox has way more new IPs hitting in 2023 than PS5, so enjoy the xbox lull this year, which to be fair they filled the hole with gamepass releases this fall

VenomCarnage89241d ago

@gamer9 and you needed to go through a 13 year game drought in order for 2023 to finally be slightly even. Do you see that for how pathetic it actually is?

wiz7191240d ago

@moriarty1889 It was games announced and they are coming from those studios , what are you talking about ?? It’s actually a couple that’s coming out this year .. Your clueless my boy

wiz7191240d ago

@Venom so are you saying nothing came out in 13 years ???

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MIDGETonSTILTS17241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

Isn’t Xbox only winning in NA because you ca actually find Xbox on shelves in the USA? It was very, very difficult to get a ps5. But I was able to find an XsX on a whim, I only had to drive 40 minutes to a GameStop.

KyRo241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

The same here in the UK. In work in Currys and XSS are always in stock and we've had quite a few XSX in too which hardly fly off the shelves either. That being said we've had PS5s in-store twice since release. They are usually all sold via online orders before they even make it into stores for people to buy.

ocelot07241d ago

Here in UK S and X been available to buy for months now. You can go on Amazon right now and but one for delivery for tomorrow.

PS5 still having stock issues here. But not as hard to get one if you use hotstock app.


I’ve yet to see a Series X on store shelves and GameStop (at least in my area LA) has never had a Series X you could just walk in and buy.

MIDGETonSTILTS17241d ago

LA will be tougher, given the population density.

And I recommend asking GameStop to search their “local” (100 mile radius) inventory for you. That worked for me twice, but I also live 2 hours outside of NYC.

Elda240d ago

They have them in the NY/NJ area.

brewin241d ago

Nah this is not the case. Series S sure, but Series X has been harder to get than PS5 in many places. I guess it all depends on location.

I got my PS5 at launch no issue and have had no problem getting them for a few friends as well. Series X has been the unicorn on the east coast USA. I was even able to get PS5 direct from Sony a few hours ago, it's been in stock all day. I had it in my cart for hours, was going to buy one for my 10 yr old but decided against it.

wiz7191240d ago

@midget Show me where you were able to find a XSX on a whim because I’m still having a hard time finding one that’s not OP .. Just like I can find PS5s , you must have it confused with a XSS. It’s winning because at that price point a XSS is a great deal to jump into next gen , on top of having access to gamepass.

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Stanjara241d ago

So a free2play game was streamed from a browser for a couple of matches and MS is proud?

Ok, why not present Halo Infinite streamed play numbers... it's a first party title?
Ohh....OH.... Oh no. Really???

AndrewM241d ago

He actually seems to be making fun of Microsoft and laughing about it, don't think he's upset bud.

Zhipp241d ago

They're just showing off the capability/success of their azure service. It is the most profitable part of their company at this point.

wiz7191240d ago

@Stanjara You can’t play Infinite on the cloud obviously why it’s not presented , how clueless are you really ??

Stanjara240d ago

Wait what??? I've seen this on ytube... I've seen it...performance vs response time...I've I've AA IIII

I don't get it! Cloud gamepass gaming what's it called????????
Cloud ultimate game... premium pass... gaming??? Pass?
Starving? Nope
Gaming Pass? durp

wiz7191240d ago

@Stanjara there’s a difference between playing the game on the cloud from the Xbox app and streaming my console to my phone from the app lol … I can stream my console to my phone and play Infinite like that , but like I said that’s my console running Infinite and it’s streaming to my phone. That’s not the cloud though , so hopefully that’s helps you understand lol don’t be upset your plastic box doesn’t have the same capabilities when it’s comes to Servers.

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