Only in your wildest dreams: Gears of War on PS3

What happens when an attention whore makes a video of Gears of War running on a PlayStation 3? It starts off with many, many people getting pissed off and sending plenty of hate mail....

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Bill Nye4895d ago

The Resistance video is hilarious.

TheXgamerLive4895d ago

Is there anybody who's going , oh wow! this 12 yr. old kid figured it all out? Damn!!!

So anyway's, has anyone caught the vid for Interstellar Marines? I think it's going to be a great title for the Xbox 360.

Boink4895d ago

why the hell is this being approved?

Bill Nye4895d ago

Because it's about gaming culture.

Boink4895d ago

it's either a sony fanboy trying to tickk off xbox fanboys, or an xbox fanboy trying to anger sony fanboys.

and unfortunately will do nothing but likely start the tired arguments over and over again.

Bill Nye4895d ago

No worries. If people don't like it, it won't be approved.

I just like how the article also points out the almost violent protest of the video and shows just how seriously people take videogames and their favorite consoles.

XboxKing4895d ago

I feel a Law suit coming on from Sony and MS!!!

FirstknighT4895d ago

Well now maybe the ps3 will start selling! ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.