Gamefly Top 10 for Feb. 12, 2007

Eight out of the top ten spots are occupied by Xbox 360 game requests. Crackdown is tops for the Xbox 360, Sonic for Nintendo Wii, and Virtua Fighter 5 tops the PS3 list. Anticipation for God of War II for the PS2 bubbles all the way to the 8th position on the cross-platform list.

Read on for the complete list:

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timmyp535706d ago

should i get VF5, Motorstorm, or Lair?
PM me.

gogators5706d ago

PS3 is still going to be Formula 1, I believe it's still on for this March. No online for VF5 basically killed it. Will rent Motorstorm before buying that one. On line Formula racing is the way to go.

Drew5706d ago

I would really recommend skipping Genji, and picking up Resistance instead. After that, check out Motorstorm. It may be pretty bare, but IMO, it's better than Lair.