IGN: PSP vs. iPhone Grudge Match

The overlap that now exists between the PSP and iPhone demands debate. The goal is not to hash out system specs. No poly count wars here. The PSP is a powerful system and so is the iPhone. Instead, the devices should be compared on metrics that actually mean something to you as a gamer, such as the titles each platform offers and whether or not they're any fun, the ease of getting content for the platform, and features that affect the overall value of the platform. You want the most for your gaming dollar -- and you deserve it.

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darkdoom30005151d ago

dosent the Iphone play Flash games?

phosphor1125151d ago

iPhone can't handle current versions of Flash. - Fact
It only plays Java/Javascript games at the moment...sigh =/

Masta_fro5150d ago

we get more cool free tat tap revenge, etc...

robert02675150d ago

I don't think this is going to be popular with the kids just imagine mom I want an iphone why because I want to play the games but the iphone is a cellphone and its to expensive anyway kid stomps of to room crying.

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thereapersson5151d ago

This coming from the same site (IGN) that called the iPhone "Smartphone of the year"

Nicaragua175151d ago

Both are great devices,and both beat the Nintendo DS.

Karum5151d ago

I love my PSP and my iPod Touch.

I wouldn't touch an iPhone just yet though.

SaiyanFury5150d ago

The PSP is designed as a games and media machine. It doesn't need to be a phone.

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