Jesus Simulator I Am Jesus Christ Shows Cleansing the Temple in New Video

Today Developer SimulaM released a new video of its upcoming Jesus simulator I am Jesus Christ ahead of its showing at Gamescom.

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Christopher252d ago

That's not inside a temple, that's an agora. What a dumb quest and reasoning behind it.

Dirtnapstor250d ago

No. The Temple of God has the outdoor space as presented for gatherings.
And obviously, you are not familiar with the story behind the premise here.

Not saying this game will be groundbreaking or anything, but c'mon man....

Christopher250d ago (Edited 250d ago )

I am very familiar with it. The areas he went to turn over tables and whip merchants were in the temple, not outside of it. This is an agora, an area typically housing multiple buildings and a public courtyard where people met, public government events were handled, and merchants did do trade for common goods. Not *in a temple*. This is equivalent to the town squares. Built around main crossroads typically.

"When Jesus entered the *temple, he forced all the merchants to leave. He turned over the tables of the money changers."


Entered the temple. Not entered the massive open square outside of the temple.

Let alone this portrays him as just blasting money bags. What he did was overturn tables and whip merchants. None of what happened here, let alone inside of the temple itself.

Fishy Fingers250d ago

Might as well be discussing the legitimacy of 'The 3 little pigs'.

248d ago
gamer7804249d ago

The general idea is correct but yah it’s just outside the temple.

FlyGuyHung250d ago

This game could use a more believable lead character. This "jesus" fella sounds completely made up.

joestrummer77250d ago

That's because he a made up character.

gamer7804249d ago

Might as well throw out anyone you’ve ever heard about from antiquity then.

Babadook7250d ago

So he was just comically force blasting tables over, eh guys?

CobraKai250d ago (Edited 250d ago )

I coulda used this game in grade school. Get better grades in my religion class, like how God of War got me better grades in my Greek Mythology class

LordoftheCritics250d ago

Is this is a souls like game?

I mean Jesus invented respawning.

DarXyde250d ago

Ha, nailed it.

.... Wait a minute...

robtion249d ago

I suspected this comment section might be good for a laugh. Suspicion confirmed ;)

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