Mojang Rejecting NFTs Is The Greatest Decision Ever

Mojang rejecting NFTs clearly shows a care for the gameplay experiences for its players and not to turn Minecraft into a monetized mess.

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jznrpg127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

They already sell skins texture packs and whatever you can think of to milk kids$$ (parents) They don’t need NFT’s

127d ago
MrBobSugar126d ago

You don't understand NFTs.

anast127d ago

These companies would do it if the backlash wasn't massive. They do not care.

MadLad127d ago

They care enough to not do it.

You have people like Square openly admitting that's the future of the company.

Sciurus_vulgaris127d ago

The head of Xbox doesn’t seem too fond of NFTs ( So I don’t think we will see NFTs from Xbox Studios.

Noskypeno127d ago

Which is a step in the right direction, even tho I'd hate to know what Xbox would be like if they didn't buy Bethesda.

monkey602127d ago

You'd be wise to take anything Phil Spencer says with a LARGE grain of salt.

Michiel1989127d ago

sea salt is better than table salt

LoveSpuds127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

You have to give MS and Mojang full credit for these moves.

I'd also like to see MS take the outfits down in respect of IP infringement too, make it clear that they won't even tolerate NFTs outside of the Minecraft software. Stop these companies expoiting Minecraft in any way.

127d ago