Netjak : Mega Man 9 Review

Rick Healey writes "You know, it's been over four years since the original Mega Man has had a starring role – and that was just a rerelease of previous starring roles. It's actually been closer to fifteen since Mega Man has been the star. And I'm talking the original Mega Man – not that I didn't have fun with Mega Man ZX or Mega Man Battle Network, but it's been ages since my first favorite game franchise has really released a game. Moreover, thanks to how many ways they screwed up Mega Man 8 (I still twitch when I think about the voice acting), I was certain that we'd never see any future release in the series.

So it was with quite a bit of surprise that I felt when Capcom announced that all the platforms would get Mega Man 9. Sure, there was much gnashing of teeth – it would be going retro, featuring 8-bit era graphics and play? It was going to feature a female Robot Master? It was even going to include a mode that invoked flicker? You'd have honestly thought that Keiji Inafune, creator of Mega Man, had personally urinated on every video game console of this generation. And then, Mega Man 9 actually came out for the download service of all three. "

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