F.E.A.R. Single-Player Hands-On

Could a game with a scary little girl be the next big shooter for the PlayStation 3? Sierra certainly hopes so with F.E.A.R., its hit action game that has previously made the rounds on the Xbox 360 and the PC. This paranormal-themed first-person shooter features intense combat along with horror elements inspired by recent movies, most notably The Ring. Gamespot got their hands on a work-in-progress of the PS3 version to see what's up.

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StateofMind4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

I hope this game is good because Insomniac pissed me off with their online patch to Resistance: Fall of Man. That game was amazing online until they noob'd it down because people were complaining about being killed too quickly. Now it's just a really bad next-gen version of Halo. Unfortunately, it will probably just be another sloppy port.

The FPS games I'm really waiting for are Unreal Tournament 3 and Killzone 2.

timmyp534270d ago

it makes sense why insomniac tuned down Resisistance online for the PS3 it was freaking insane ..even one of the largest rooms (Nottingham) was a massacre. Yea the Chimeran were very strong and took massive damage in rage mode.. i heard. Ya know what type of room i enjoy ?..Rocket Lanchers and snipers....the fun. So you really don't like playing noobz huh?

StateofMind4270d ago

Those are the games that I can't stand, and they seem to spread over the entire game now because that's what works. Instead of taking out 2-3 guys with accurate headshots from the rifle, you find the Laark (rocket launcher) or the Rossmore (shotgun) and just hope the other guy has a weaker gun.

You are right though, it does make sense. People weren't playing it online because they got raped when they logged on for the first time. Unfortunately, the game offers very little sense of accomplishment now that it's been toned down to a "who has the best gun", "let me shoot you with an entire clip in the face before you die", FPS.

My favorite games now are human vs. human, 170% damage, no Laark, no Rossmore. Although I don't play much anymore because games like that aren't exactly easy to find.

Drew4270d ago

Ha! I knew there was someone else who hated the patch. I can't stand to play it, anymore. =( It's back to Gears and RS:V now, but gah. I miss you, Resistance.

spacetoilet4270d ago

I don't want it. Not unless they clean up the video image. There is NO reason why it should be blury or 'fuzz' as Gamespot said. That seems like a straight port job. Just get 360 version or Pc version.

Funky Town_TX4270d ago

"On a visual front, the PlayStation 3 version looked somewhat fuzzy compared to the crisp Xbox 360 version, even on an HDMI connection, but the graphics were otherwise identical in terms of content and textures. Meanwhile, the frame rate remained smooth and steady through our play session."

Now what if VF5 looks and runs better on the 360 what will be the reason. I bet no one will call it a sloppy port. These guys that programmed this game suck.

THAMMER14270d ago

I is not fuzzy, it is called 4D. LOL

NextGen24Gamer4270d ago

It was a fun ride...not as scary as Condemed...but I love it. And it looked and played beautiful in 1080p. Now, I'm trying to finish Call of Duty 3. I know I'm close to beating it. Another beautiful game on the 360 in 1080p. Hopefully this port is as good as the 360 version. From the history of 3rd party games on the ps3 and 360... I would assume it won't be. But, its a fun game none the less.

DJ4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

too bad the original dev team isn't making this version, i.e. Bethesda style. Could've had improved graphics and content.

Drew4270d ago

I hate to shoot you down DJ, but you seem to be the type of person just asking for it... Oblivion PS3 has no added content or graphical fidelity over the '360 version, and I think you know that. So my question to you is; why such a pointless comment?

ImTheNumber124270d ago

While i feel bad for commenting about Oblivion in an article about fear, the truth is that DJ is right, Oblivion is being improved for the PS3. I have a video of Bethesda saying just so on a demo disc. Someone messed around with code and improved the draw distance I guess...

Bethesda also said that they would be giving 360 a patch around the time of the Shivering Isles release, so that it would get the same treatment as the PS3 version. I just think it's funny that Bethesda had to put oblivion on the BR disc twice so that it would load at the same speed of the 360.