Twitch Streamer Offering $20,000 To Anyone Who Can Beat Impossible Halo 2 Challenge

If you're an experienced Halo player looking for a new challenge while you wait for Infinite's co-op campaign and Forge modes to finally arrive, this might be it. Streamer MoistCr1TiKaL has issued a challenge to anyone willing to accept it to complete a LASO run of Halo 2. It has never been done, at least not on record, and Cr1TiKaL will stump up $20,000 to the first person who manages to do it.

For those unfamiliar with what a LASO challenge is, the acronym stands for Legendary All Skulls On. Technically speaking, what Cr1TiKaL is asking of one very skilled Halo player isn't a LASO run. It's actually slightly more difficult. To win the $20,000, you need to have all skulls on except one. The Envy skull which allows Master Chief to turn invisible, something that would make the run significantly easeir if allowed.

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Mcardle132d ago

There have been loads of SLASO runs done in Halo 2 though, I've done a few myself. I am guessing he is limiting a death to killing the run instead of just the mission but even thats not too crazy once you have run it a few times and know the tactics. Its more a test of patience and the ability to pull of some glitches than anything else.

SonyPS360131d ago

It's something that's never been done for as long as Halo 2 has existed, so all those typical assumptions you're making mean nothing.