TimeSplitters 4 concept art released

Nick Carver is looking for a job. Which sucks for him because now's probably not the best time to be doing that. But it's great for us because he just dumped some of the TimeSplitters 4 concept art he worked on all over the Internet to help him find a new job.

As you may be aware, the studio I worked for (Free Radical) has just effectively gone bust. I had a great time working there and met some fantastic people along the way. Anyway, this is just to say that I'm currently looking for work. I've attached a bunch of images covering some of the things I've been up to recently. My skills include low and high poly modelling, texturing, digital sculpting and concepting.

Skills indeed. If you're a studio looking for talent, Nick's your guy. Now hit the jump and join with us in mourning what may never be.

Maybe we should do more of these resumes of sorts for those laid off in the industry.

Rice5696d ago

Zomg I love TimeSplitters, day 1 purchase for sure... I still have to try the first one.

Danja5696d ago

If the game ever gets made or published...:(...lets hope 4 the best..XD

JsonHenry5696d ago

I really was hoping this game would make it to the market. : (

meepmoopmeep5696d ago

man, it's sad to hear any studio having to close down'
i wish the best for the team to find jobs in other studios

best wishes guys and sorry for the holiday downer

heyheyhey5696d ago

man those awesome art shots make it even harder!!!!!!!!


redbadger5696d ago

Did I not read recently that Free Radical is closing their studio down?

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Derekvinyard132976d ago

Now this is a great article, this is what n4g use to be. Good articles with tons of information unlike the n4g of today that's all about fanboy wars mainly ps4 fanboys

ryuuzakibjorn2976d ago

Thank-you for the kind words!

ryuuzakibjorn2975d ago

Amen to that, Homefront is sadly the closest weird going to get, looking at the facts. I hope I am wrong though.

PaleMoonDeath2975d ago

It's a saddening affair, Doom reminded me why these arcade shooters are more enjoyable in my eyes for FPS, multiplayer mayhem in TimeSplitters 1, 2 & 3 were godly. Many a evening in my childhood were spent on TimeSplitters just unlocking all the characters for killing in capture the bag!

HD remaster is all we need, screw online it's all about that local!

BlackIceJoe2976d ago

Great article, l just wish these guys and gals could make a new Timesplitters game instead of the ones Crytek wants them to make. A new Timesplitters game with local four player split-screen gaming would be amazing. Sadly it looks like no new game is in development.

ryuuzakibjorn2975d ago

Sadly with the original developers are fragmented as they are, (I think it's about halfway through the article, I do a mini "Where are they now") - I don't see a new TimeSplitters game coming any time soon... At least not without the core feeling. If we see it come back, I see it come back as a purely competitive online shooter.


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Relientk773114d ago

Would love to see Timesplitters 4

but probably wont happen


PSN_ZeroOnyx3114d ago

It's sad because TimeSplitters 4 would be huge and push PS4 sales even further.


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