The Best Space Games of All Time

BLG writes: "Everyone has, at one point or another, pined for a galaxy far, far away. We’ve all wondered what it would be like to explore space, its many planets, and encounter alien beings. Some of us even fear it. Regardless, it’s not something most will get to experience in our lifetimes. Fortunately, video games offer an escape into the great expanse beyond."

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Mobis-New-Nest140d ago

Xenosaga Epstein 1. The greatest space Story and game of all time. Dead Space 1 comes in 3rd, right behind Alien Isolation 2nd.

MIDGETonSTILTS17140d ago

Alien and Dead Space were great, but I’d call out Dead Space TWO for a handful of fantastic set pieces and encounters relating to SPACE.

140d ago
ShwaaMan140d ago

No Colony Wars….
Am I the only one who remembers this series and how great it was?

Terry_B140d ago

Yeah..that list is mostly covering games from the last 10 years. (It sucks)

Phoenix76140d ago

Why star wars squadron, when it should of been rouge squadron 2 imo. And what about wing commander games?
Terry is right. It only covers last 10 to 15 years tops

KiRBY3000139d ago

outer wilds
mass effect trilogy
prey (2017)
guardians of the galaxy (2021)
dead space 1 and 2
alien isolation
broken age
the swapper
ratchet & clank
colony wars