Resident Evil Was Getting Too Big Before RE7 & Village

RE5 and RE6 were too big to be survival-horror, but Capcom returned to smaller scale plots with RE7 and, in doing so, saved the franchise.

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shinoff2183141d ago

Eh I muss the old school RE

jeromeface140d ago

saved the franchise is very much a matter of opinion... RE's downfall started with 4 and hasnt stopped.

Sephiroushin140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

Started with 4?
4 is basically called the best by most people and i am pretty sure its the most sold as well, it really started with 5, though not for me since 5, RE 7 and RE 8 well, even RE6 which has the worst reception sold a lot, it did cost a lot to make though
Btw saving the franchise is not a matter of opinion alone, it has to do moatly with sales and public reception (opinions)

_Decadent_Descent140d ago

I loved 4 no doubt as a game, but it's true that it was the start of the death of true RE dna.

Sephiroushin140d ago

RE was never an horror game at all like some claim to be anyways, silent hill and fatal frame did a good work at that, RE had many limitations on older systems (like many games) thats way it changed a lot when RE4 released, I consider 5 to be the start of the end of re, when they completely removed the suspense and went 100% action then started adding multiplayer etc, re6 was crap, re7 was okay (i dont like that it was 1st person), and re8 was better, still okay for me since 1st person) probably great when 3rd person release.