We All Miss The Old Rockstar

Nowadays, Rockstar has transformed into something else entirely, seemingly trapped by its very success. This is a developer that made Bully, Max Payne 3, Manhunt, Red Dead Revolver and Redemption, Midnight Club, and even a very good ping pong game, inspiring adoration and a ‘what will they do next?’ anticipation. But now? Now it inspires frustration.

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neutralgamer1992256d ago

Them days are gone. GTA5's success has made it next ti impossible for R* fi work on a smaller project

I think we will see them release GTA6 towards end of this generation and than within the first 18 months release an updated version

RDR needs a remaster TBH with updated Controls and would love to get a remake for bully

What many don't realize is the fact a lot of the OG R* members have left already. What's sad is we are told how easy the development is now yet games takes forever. Big time developers use to release multiple big projects but now it seems that's not going to happen moving forward

Profchaos256d ago

That's exactly the reason why we should be worried that their future projects won't carry the same quality as the scripts in large part were written by people like the houses who have left and Leslie benzine also long gone

willbillbill255d ago

I think you are exactly right, especially about the updated version for next gen. I still have hope that the new GTA will be one of the best games of the generation but it will have a heavy focus on the online section which the previous game didn't even launch with.

I know alot of the OG's have gone but talent comes and goes. The team that worked on RDR2 did a great job on the single player so fingers crossed that continues with the next GTA.

neutralgamer1992255d ago

Issue is many of the OG's worked on RDR2. Once their part was done they left. So this will be the first big project without much of the OG's

Demetrius255d ago

Exactly the original staff been left ain’t no telling how it was fog them but I did believe they were mocking the company inside the classic games they created cause look at stuff now 🤣

porkChop256d ago

In terms of online multiplayer and the wait between each release, sure. In that respect Rockstar have become frustrating. But they still put out bangers. No one can deny that. With every new GTA and Red Dead they've redefined what open world games can be, and they've continually pushed the boundaries of what's possible. No one crafts open worlds like Rockstar.

That's not to say that GTA 6 couldn't be a disappointment. It absolutely could be, especially the online. But Rockstar have proven themselves time and time again. I'm not going to count them out until they actually release a bad game.

DeeeezNuuuts255d ago

This is exactly what I say, the online side of rockstar I'm not too fussed about but I know that they will always release an amazing single player game, guaranteed

SyntheticForm255d ago

Problem is the west is impossible to satirize these days, and I mean impossible. We're there; we're living that satire daily.

Yi-Long256d ago

Agreed, but I think the same goes for EA, Ubisoft, Konami, and other former giants in the industry who used to release multiple games a year, in different genres, and were more willing to take creative chances back then.

Right now, they just seem to be chasing ‘huge AAA hits’, and nothing else, and the way they're going about that, and all the side-BS they’re now more concerned with (expansions, micro-transactions, GAS, even NFTs, etc), is disappointing.

Right now, it seems these organizations are mostly being run by greedy, clueless and cowardly ‘suits’ who are just chasing ‘trends’ and ‘buzzwords’, forcing their devs to shoehorn those into their games, while not having the faintest idea on what actually makes a good game, or what the community wants from these games.

tehpees3255d ago

I refuse to swallow that pill that "rising dev costs" is what is stopping Rockstar making more games. It is just down to milking GTA V as dry as it can get until there is nothing left. Flogging the dead horse that is GTA Online into the ground will make them regret things when they have nothing else to fall back on. The fact that they have cancelled literally everything just to focus on GTA 6 leads me to believe the next gen release of GTA V milked edition didn't live up to their expectations and they are scrambling to catch up.

chicken_in_the_corn255d ago

The fact that they're throwing everything at GTA VI is absolutely no different to how they developed RDR2. This is how they operate these days.

Soy255d ago

Success will change everything - the smalls get big, the old bigs buy them or get bumped aside, and the cycle begins again. I'm surprised it took this long for Rockstar.

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