Wii Online Play Still Coming: Nintendo

Nintendo has been quiet on its online gaming plans for a reason. According to Perrin Kaplan, an executive at Nintendo of America, the company is easing its audience into the idea.

"Worldwide online play is a priority for Nintendo and you will see it," Kaplan said during an interview with GameSpy.

Kaplan said that if the company had shown off all the Wii can do - what with the Wii remote, the channels interface, Miis, and more - people would have been confused.

"I just think it would have overloaded the mass consumer," she said. "We have more things coming, and online is definitely one of them."

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Groggy_Froggie4891d ago (Edited 4891d ago )

Confuse us? I don't think so... Maybe force some of the nongamers to read a few manuals here and there but I can't really see where confusion would set in... I am more inclined to think that for reasons only Nintendo knows they are still working on their online strategy and are simply not ready to release it yet... I can only hope they "borrow" from PS3 and Xbox360 while adding their own creativity so the consumers get a great online experience overall.

BURLY4891d ago

...Relative to the established industry standard (that is Xbox Live) and in the context that they have essentially conceded the fact that they will not be catching-up with Microsoft's efforts anytime too soon.

Knowing these facts: less talking about specifics, accompanied with a lot of hype to get their existing fan base to "buy-in" to their product is probably the best strategy for Nintendo.

What I am most concerned about with respect to the Wii however is the lack of games scheduled for release in the next year. In fact, that is the primary reason why I will not be purchasing the console anytime in the near future.

As an economist: I know that the Wii's success has not gone unnoticed by developers because it represents a largely un-tapped profit potential. I say "un-tapped" because I think that it's success has taken a lot of developers by surprise and as such the market will essentially be starving for more 3rd party games that are unique and are not just sloppy adaptations of last-gen Xbox and PS2 games.

Of course, the Wii will always be handicapped by it's largely inferior hardware but those who bought the system, bought it for the games and the unique gameplay that the controller affords them. To me it all sounds too familiar to last-gen but with the addition of the new controller thrown in.

I wonder if gamers will become impatient (as I did with the Gamecube) waiting for games to slowly filter out for the system. Furthermore, I wonder if this will tarnish Nintendo's best efforts by effectively reducing the controller's innovative design to that of a gimmick. You see even if developers are starting to shift more development resources to the Wii; we will not see the benefits of these measures for 1 to 2 years.

Fast forward to that time and I anticipate that the majority of the Wii's fan base who bought the system as their primary system will have already become largely disgruntled and looking towards the 360; which will certainly maintain it's momentum with a substantial price cut and a continuous and ongoing build-up of high quality games bolstering the 360’s reputation.

I wish Nintendo well but I will be waiting another year, or two, or three before I complete my Wii60 set-up because I need more convincing in the form of a games library that is more robust than the one that I see now and the one that I see developing in the near future.

I mean the console is cheaper but still by no means “cheap”!

The bottom line is that whether we are talking about online features, or the games library of each respected system; the 360 is the best choice for a primary console, and in the much foreseeable future.

PureGamer4891d ago

why are you on here trying to persuade us to buy a 360 you jerk, anyway i hope they bring it out soon im bored with my Wii

anthonsh4891d ago (Edited 4891d ago )

Frankly, it sounds like a reasonable plan to me. They're obviously not trying to beat XBox at its own game. They've promised a variety of surprise Wii Channels and online support, so lets hope that kind of stuff starts coming this spring and not 2008.

Edit: To tell you the truth, I'm looking forward to interesting uses of the Connect24 service, and downloadable channels than I am online play. There are many people who expect every game to have online multiplayer, but I feel that it would be okay to have a few good online multiplayer games, like Batallion Wars 2, and have other games just use Connect24 for various reasons.

calderra4891d ago

The question, of course, needs again to be: Sony and Nintendo had Xbox's entire lifespan and an EXTRA year since the 360's launch to study Live and learn the lessons of how and how not to do online. Neither of them delivered (though Sony at least tried).

...what's the hold-up?

Marty83704890d ago

Sony is delievering,Playstation Network is hold up very well.Resistance:FOM 40 player online is a good example of this.

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