GameStop Kicks Off Four Pre-Owned Games For $20 Sale

Daily Video Game writes: "GameStop is running a new pre-owned game sale on over 1000 pre-owned games that offers four pre-owned ($9.99 or less) games for $20 across multiple gaming platforms right now, including PS3 and Xbox 360!"

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roadkillers245d ago

I mean, the deal is alright… Unfortunately for me the Serious S doesn’t have a disk drive and unfortunately for Gamestop a lot of those games are on or have been on Gamepass/PSNow.

Sgt_Slaughter245d ago

Given the nature of backwards compatibility on new systems, this is a great sale in case you missed out on some gems from last gen.

Mandingo2020245d ago

Most of the games on Xbox are on game pass. The Switch games in this sale are trash c'mon farming simulator that's laughable. The PS4 games should be cheaper. I can't wait for the GameStop going out of business liquidation sale.

neutralgamer1992245d ago

Seriously man I don't get the hate on GS and I guess you want even less options and give more control to the publishers

And you want thousands of people to lose their jobs because you don't like a company. One thing I have noticed is how most who hate on GS haven't shopped at the actual stores in years. Many who hate on GS have also done so listening to others negative stories or experiences. People on YT want clicks and hating on GS is the cool thing

SurgicalMenace245d ago

It's not people's hate that would lose people's jobs, it's the shady business practices of the company. So what you're saying is that because people work there individuals should just support what they don't want to? Sound advice; Hitler too had supporters, employees, and advocates but people go around hating him too. They only hate because of other people's bad stories or experiences; they only spoke bad about him because they wanted attention. It's been decades; lets give his way another go. With your logic anything could be made to sound good.🤷🏾‍♂️

neutralgamer1992244d ago


Seriously you used Hitler as an example to say company has shady practices

You don't have to shop at GS there are many other retailers. I shop there and vast majority of my experiences have been positive and most of the employees are super nice

SurgicalMenace244d ago

Just having some fun, bro.🤣🤣

Mandingo2020244d ago

There are other places to work besides GS. Plus, their benefits are trash so why not work somewhere else?

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REDGUM245d ago

And none of those game you speak of you actually own as they are digital not physical & would cost more than $20 as the subscription costs more than that.

Mandingo2020244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

You know you can get game pass ultimate codes for the low on cdkeys or g2a right? You don't need to have a subscription 😂. GS is trash and I'd rather support the mom and pop game store here instead.

BlackTar187245d ago

Why are you people so full of hate? GameStop gives people jobs and provides a physical appearance to see things in the flesh and not just some soulless online experience.

Mandingo2020244d ago

You can get physical at mom and pop game stores plus you can get it online. GS is trash

neutralgamer1992244d ago

Because Mom and Pop shops cost two to three times more for the same product Angie the answer

BlackTar187244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

Mom and pop stores cost more and have even harder time competing against the internet. Also lie to me and tell you have a couple mom and pop stores near you selling games then lie and tell me you shop there.

IanTH245d ago

These sales, while potentially great, really struggle to be valuable given you can't easily parse what games are in stock. You can't just say "only show what is online & what are in my nearby stores". Probably 60-75% of these games in these massive lists are out of stock for shipping, and out of stock locally. It makes it a chore to find anything you'd want, much less 4 of them, much less enough if you wanted to get to a free shipping tier. It's a bummer.

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