Forza 2 details drift round the corner

The first tantalising tid-bits of Forza Motor Sport 2 info have finally landed in our laps, thanks to the latest issue of 360 magazine.

Forza 2's fancy new damage system is described in the mag, which apparently took developer Microsoft Game Studios over six months to create. Three damage settings will be available in the game; low, normal and simulation, for those who want to re-enact the great Gizmondo Ferrari crash.

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USMChardcharger5819d ago

this going to be a great game. nice to hear that developers are sharring tech. wish that would happen more.

Gh0stDrag0n5819d ago

One more awesome game for the XBox360! Can't wait.

COVER GIRL5819d ago

Cool beans i love Xbox, 360's King!.

JIN KAZAMA5819d ago

Forza definatley looks pretty tight. I must say it beat out GT4 last time. Hopefully GT5 will be just as good.

FamoAmo5819d ago

Forza is gonna blow sh!t up!! It looks to be the best racer to date for sure!

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The story is too old to be commented.