The Callisto Protocol: Glen Schofield On The Game's Origin + Exclusive Gameplay

GI writes: "We sit down with the master of horror to discuss how his new game came about."

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Aloymetal738d ago

Same here, although my hype went down a bit after the devs said: ''Don't expect space combat even if players will be "outside" from time to time.''
The ''outside'' parts in ds1 and ds2 were great so I'm gonna miss that.

Crows90738d ago

I think they mean specifically space combat. You may be in zero gravity areas or other things like that.

annoyedgamer738d ago

"I knew what I wanted to happen to the player character in the last scene"

Glenn just went and spoiled the ending lmao.

Double_O_Revan738d ago

He was referring to Dead Space when he said that.

REDGUM738d ago

How did he spoil the ending?

badboyz09738d ago

This is the only reason EA's making Deadspace. They wanna steal this games shine.

Vengeance1138738d ago

They can certainly try but even when you do a direct comparison of the two, Callisto Protocol still comes out as the better experience. It took everything Dead Space offered and expanded and enhanced it. While Dead Space is still just Dead Space.

Kubark738d ago (Edited 738d ago )

If that's their reason, then I doubt they're going to be successful. TCP looks superior to the DS remake.

I honestly want both games to be great but I notice short comings with DS in comparison to TCP. The animations of Issac compared to Jacob appear clunky and stiff. The environments of DS appear too clean vs the grimmy and lived in look of TCP. Combat in the TCP looks more immersive and fun compared to the DS remake.

The DS remake doesn't look bad by any means, it's just that TCP seems superior to me based on what I've seen.

cluclap738d ago

How can you say a finished game looks better than one we have seen developer notes on at best? I get it, you hate EA, but don't let that hate allow you to make foolish comments like this one just because its popular opinion. Be yourself dude.

Kubark738d ago

@clucap. Not sure why you're resorting to personal attacks. I'm just saying what I honestly think. EA never even entered into my head when thinking about this.

"How can you say a finished game looks better than one we have seen developer notes on at best?"

Not trying to be combative here but the DS remake is coming out less than two months after TCP. We've seen more than developer notes. We've seen actual gameplay. Admittedly, that footage could be older footage but I'm not sure how much of an improvment will be made in the six months remaining. I hope they can improve it, I really mean that. I'm a big fan of DS.

plmkoh738d ago

As soon as I heard Glen was heading this project it's a day 1 for me.

jBlakeeper738d ago (Edited 738d ago )

I’ve already preordered the collectors edition because it actually looks like a great collectors edition and the statue is made of quality materials based on preview. This and GOW Ragnarok are my two most anticipated games left this year.


10 "Bad" Games I Actually Enjoyed

TNS: "We're shining a light on a bunch of "bad" games that may've been left wanting when it comes to their critical or audience reception."

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Profchaos10h ago(Edited 10h ago)

Good list I've had similar reactions to some games even ones on the list like the order and Callisto

Also I recently grabbed forspoken for, 5 dollars at a eb games Clarence sale and I am actually enjoying it more than I thought I would

Sometimes you just need to give critically panned games a chance

FTLmaster9h ago

Oh gosh, good shout on Forspoken! Genuinely forgot about that one, and haven't got around to playing it. It's on my to-buy-in-a-sale list!

ChasterMies6h ago

I feel like we’re finally starting to see a sea change in how we treat our favorite games. Sure, we all acknowledge that a game can suck and we can still enjoy it. Hopefully this results in meaningful review scores. Personally, I find a lot of bad games are better if you blast through them on the easiest difficulty. Callisto protocol on the image is a good example of this.

RaidenBlack4h ago(Edited 4h ago)

Actually, I started liking FO76 after the wastelanders DLC ... it has been my guilty pleasure
other games I can think of Order 1886, Driveclub, Resident Evil 6 (only the Leon part), Alpha Protocol (pretty unique, needs a remake), XIII Remake (after patches), Medal of Honor 2010, Medal of Honor Warfighter, Homefront The Revolution, Enemy Front, Legendary The Box, Faces of War, Conflict: Vietnam, Conflict: Global Storm & Codename: Panzers – Cold War

CosmicTurtle3h ago

Driveclub was genuinely a good game with a poor launch. Alpha Protocol is superb, just a few archaic design choices for the time.

SonyStyled3h ago

I loved Enemy Front. I pre ordered it months prior and remember calling the store to check if it came out that day. The guy never heard of it but confirmed my copy was ready to pick up. Game was simple and basic in a good way. Didn’t have any tacked on extras. A simple mission and objectives in each level. Kind of reminded me of the first Crysis in a way

gold_drake4h ago

The Order was really good. abit short

RiseNShine3h ago

I loved The Order, ridiculous graphics for it's time and a very interesting setting, it was linear but not as bad as people say. Similar thing with Callisto Protocol, i admit that i played it a long time after release so maybe issues were fixed by then, but it was a fantastic Dead Space-like horror game with some of the best graphics i've seen in my life.