The Sims 4 Adds Sexual Orientation As a Feature

The Sims 4 is adding a sexual orientation setting to its Create A Sim screen, allowing players to customize their Sims' orientation in three different ways.

TheColbertinator704d ago

The Sims 5 will probably add that feature as DLC.

mkis007702d ago

ugh...Wish there was a release like 1 and 2. A couple expacs are ok...$1000+ worth is sad.

StarkR3ality702d ago

Hahahahhaa, you got me with that 😂😂😂

Eonjay702d ago

There are so many ads on the link I left immediately and I feel like I need to flush my browsers cookies. I couldn't even see the story content for the ads.

DeviateFish702d ago

Don't they mean woohooal orientation?

deleted702d ago

For those who prefer woohoo in the wahoo, not the yahoo.

Viljong702d ago

No thanks i dont want lgbtq or whatever the current combination is on my game.

ChasterMies702d ago

Sims Incel edition removes all relationship options.


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