Skate 4 Data Mine Finds Loot Boxes Despite Developers Saying Otherwise

Data mine reveals a new loot box mechanic present in the new Skate game in the form of "Swag Bags", which is basically randomized clothing.

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moriarty1889250d ago

Of course they are in there. What a surprise.

Double_O_Revan250d ago

Well they have called them 'Surprise Mechanics' in the past. So, uh, SURPRISE!!

ElementsUnknown250d ago

Correction: free to PAY

Fans respond: there’ll be hell to pay EA!!

sourOG250d ago

I’m just saying you’re getting mad about a “but-but they said no lootboxes” when they just announced it was free to play lmao. That’s even worse!

Yi-Long249d ago

@SourOG; I think many of us would rather pay 60 bucks and get access to a full SP game, being able to unlocks all items, instead of being stuck in some open world city with hundreds of strangers where we would do chores and grind to get some random items, or pay money to obtain them. I guess this open world city will have real-life ads (billboards) and product-placement and sponsorship deals as well.

As a single-player, I simply have zero interest in stuff like ‘ooooh, the community’.

sourOG249d ago

Myself included lol. People misunderstood me, I do not want f2p lol. I don’t mind real life branding and sponsorships, that’s a big part of pro skating. I don’t mind online but if I want to play against others it should be my choice. I’d rather it be:

- go to a “spot”
- choose to go online for that spot, choose solo, or choose co-op

Otherwise I don’t want anyone in my game. An NPC or 2 is okay lol.

SenorFartCushion249d ago

There’s no such thing. A free to play game is a demo.

mixelon249d ago

Stuff like genshin impact is definitely games*, and you really don’t have to *buy* loot boxes.. despite the economy depending on them.

*not saying they’re good or bad but a lot of people enjoy them.

RosweeSon249d ago

Free to download more like that’s about it 🤣

sourOG249d ago

Exactly lol. People are “sleuths have detected lootboxes in the code. They said they wouldn’t but we found it!” Bro, it’s f2p… I could have told you that without looking at the code lmao.

anast249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

There isn't a rule book that states F2P games have to have gambling mechanics. Path of Exile is F2P and it doesn't have slot machines.

sourOG249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

There are exceptions to rules. EA isn’t one.

anast249d ago

I understand but none of this is a "law" or a "rule".

sourOG249d ago

Could you think of many more examples?

ANIALATOR136248d ago

If something is free, YOU are the product

sourOG248d ago

They can’t afford me.

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Ashunderfire86250d ago

You can't hide from the internet, because eventually they will know...EA got caught with their pants down once again.

Double_O_Revan250d ago

They don't believe in wearing belts.

RosweeSon249d ago

Battlefront2? 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️

Soy250d ago

They're gonna do the loot boxes until the entire populace just gets sick of it and it implodes in their faces.

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The story is too old to be commented.