Is Now The Right Time To Upgrade GPU?

The age old question, should I upgrade GPU or wait? I find myself asking that question all too often. The right answer is different from person to person but there are always factors that can help steer us in the right direction.

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masterfox254d ago

I have a 1060 gtx 6 GB and can almost play literally everything at full HD , max settings 60 fps, at the moment at least for me I dont see any PC game is worth a GPU upgrade, still waiting for that PC exclusive game that can separate visually from consoles, but since the PS5 exclusives are displaying insane visuals that nowhere else can be found so is really hard for me yo justify a GPU upgrade, and those cards are still expensive, so less reason to buy one imo.

Eidolon253d ago

I overpaid for a 3060TI earlier this year, but needed it for VR, and even profited like 40% on my RX 580. RX 580 was showing it's age with 1440p, now I can basically play same games at 4K with slightly ramped up settings(3060ti around 115% more powerful), but really it runs everything I throw at it at max at 1440p, I can do quality DLSS to 4K.
It being pretty damn close to PS5 performance keeps it in a good spot, say if I still only had a PS4 Pro, I'd be having some decisions on whether to play it on PC or PS4 Pro if I had this card then.

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FreeckyCake252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

*Laughs in GTX 1650 Super*. I was told this GPU would be inadequate to run most of the new games at high settings, but boy was I in a happy big surprise.

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Number1TailzFan254d ago

Depends on resolution, detail settings and frame rate you want to play at. Today the best budget card I would say is the 3060Ti.

Best off waiting for next gen unless you find a bargain current gen card. If you have a high hz display just wait out a few months and get a 4070/4080 tbh.

Neonridr253d ago

I upgraded from a 1080ti to a 3080. I run everything max at 1440p and it looks glorious. The RT and extra bells and whistles make some games look gorgeous.

brettyd253d ago

With how rapidly the prices are coming down, this isn't the floor. Still waiting.

Eidolon253d ago

The floor is MSRP and it's pretty damn close, and the longer you wait, the closer it's getting to RTX 4000 and RX 7000, might as well wait for that, and PRE ORDER!

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porkChop253d ago

No. I'd wait til next year. At that point we'll have next gen cards from Nvidia, AMD and Intel. It'll be interesting to see how things get shaken up with 3 manufacturers, especially if Intel has a decent launch this year.

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