Xbox Live + Mac = MacLive

Any mac user that owns a Xbox 360 will want to download this app. MacLive lets you track your Xbox 360 friends off your desktop without having to log into My Xbox and uses Growl to deliver notifications as well. Screenshots and details can be found by following the link.

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no_more_heroes4902d ago

I mean, isn't Apple Microsoft's sworn enemy or something?

Boink4902d ago

although I though MS owns a big chunk of apple shares? (15% or something).

I have nothing against apple, but the hippies/mac fanboys that think of steve jobs as a god, and never shut up about how good their mac is drive me up the wall.

MissAubrey4902d ago

it had one button on the mouse.

uxo224902d ago

Macs run windows, office, etc. why not live also.