An open-world Final Fantasy 16 ‘would’ve taken 15 years to make’, claims producer

From VGC: "Final Fantasy 16’s producer has claimed that the reason the game doesn’t have an open world is because it would have taken a decade and a half to make.

In a new interview in the latest issue of Famitsu magazine, Naoki Yoshida explained that he felt other elements were more important to him in defining what made a Final Fantasy game, and that trying to make it open-world on top of everything else would have been a step too far.

“When I played the first Final Fantasy, I thought ‘this is a movie-like gaming experience’,” Yoshida explained (as translated for VGC by contributor Robert Sephazon)."

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Nitrowolf2205d ago (Edited 205d ago )


I don’t think anyone’s really asking for a whole lot when it comes to a big open world because I think they could easily get away with a PS1 classic style overworld and even shove the gameplay and Random Encounters

I would be alright with that. Just some type of overworks that connects locations

lucian229205d ago

just no, no random encounters. one of the worst gameplay features to ever exist.

Zeldafan64205d ago

I have always preferred random encounters. Then again that's all I played for my first 10 years of playing rpgs.

Germaximus204d ago

random encounters is the best way to grind for levels. the set enemies in an area is garbage

CrimsonWing69205d ago

Exactly this, we don't need some crazy expansive open world where it take 30 minutes to get where we want. A simple overworld map to locations is perfect. Look at Ni No Kuni if you want to see an example of this in modern gaming.

The problem is the people at Square refuse to make the games like they used to be. Instead of looking at mechanics as genre defining, they view them as archaic. I remember this guy saying with guns asking why would you want to wait for turn-based combat to fire a weapon? Instead of looking at the mechanic as strategic and a staple of JRPG mechanics.

I think FF7 Remake battle system had the best of both worlds. I'm excited for FF16, but some of the things I hear from the producer makes me lose faith in the company.

shinoff2183205d ago

FF7 r wouldve been 100 if it wouldve included a real turn based battle system. I feel they are gonna cheap out with the overworld map in ff7r 2. Just a gut feeling. Square used to be on it. They couldnt miss. Anything from them lately though eh. I did like lost sphear, and I am setsuna but I think they were just published by square.

shinoff2183205d ago

I remember the president of square said japanese devs shouldnt just copy western devs or something like that. Well they kinda have with all the action games they put out anymore.

shinoff2183205d ago

Id prefer an overworld. Its one of the things new ff games just are missing. An overworld in a jrpg is a pretty big deal to me.

Id also like them to bring back turn based battles Please do it for atleast a few new games. Not everything has to be mindless action with a couple cute moves. Id be alright with random encounters or running into the enemy. Id prfer random but I can live without it.

-Foxtrot205d ago

No no Kuni kind of had a good idea of the open world

Maybe use that as a concept

shinoff2183205d ago

Ni no kuni was one of my fav ps3 games with fallout and the last of us. By far the best ps3 rpg

Pyrofire95204d ago

Interesting. Yeah I don't think i've seen that kind of overworld past the PSone generation.
I don't know if random encounters is still a great idea. It got the job done before but it's a bit of an old solution to combat scenarios.

FinalFantasyFanatic204d ago

I wouldn't mind how Bravely Default does random encounters, make it so the player can increase/decrease the encounter rate, I think that's a fair compromise (so you can choose if you just want to explore/get from A to B or just grind).

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masterfox205d ago

if thats the way of thinking by some of the members of SE so then, SE needs some serious reorganization inside the company cause that statement doesnt make any freaking sense!, 15 years thats complete BS talking!, for Versus was like 10 or more years but it took that time cause the development / planning of it was a complete mess, and the SE devs had to start over and over the design of that game. Look at Kojima how much it took to create Death Stranding an insane awesome deep looking game and open world as well, hell Kojima even created a brand new company and still be able to deliver such an incredible game in such short time. So yeah SE dont come with your BS PR nonsense.

lucian229205d ago

if you want a good open world with actual full kingdoms it would take a while. People are tired of boring openworld games

-Gespenst-205d ago

What Yoshida is saying is that the game's story spans an entire world / planet, and to make a detailed open-world that size would take too long.

Think of almost any open-world game - they're usually just a city, or a continent, not a whole world, and even then, they are scaled down significantly. Final Fantasy XV was a single continent too, and as big as it was, it was scaled down (plus lots of invisible walls and empty space).

They could make the entire world of the game and scale it down, but it would feel way too small then. That's one of the downsides of open-worlds - despite their size, they still feel small compared to what they're supposed to be. Very few open-world games are to scale, and this would be particularly noticeable in an open-world that was supposed to be an entire planet, unless they filled it with huge expanses of boring, empty space.

I think they made the right choice. Plus, I'm pretty sure that there will be open areas to explore. Good enough for me.

lucian229205d ago

this all day (likely why Starfield will be bad lol) no game has really done a full scale planet yet; let alone thousands of planets

MrCrimson205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

I think actually it was a good way of thinking. He's focused on delivering a good gaming experience and a thrilling story; which really are the tell-tale elements of a good final fantasy game; and they've gotten away from that in the recent years - so I like that he realizes where his development resources should best be spent.

Just as an FYI - this guy revitalized FF14, and while I don't like MMOs; I have heard from many people that the story telling is top tier.

Pyrofire95204d ago

Versus isn't a good example. The game was announced in 06 but barely worked on as the team kept being reassigned different work, like assisting with XIII. Final Fantasy is a different game that took elements but is a different game that started development in 2011 and released in 2016.
DS is also a very different game where the main gameplay is the traversal itself is an big system that can just be applied to any of the games environments. A game like that didn't require a lot of different assets, just good landscape design to suggest player action. Also every mission is from simple and similar hubs with quest screens. That kind of design doesn't work for a Final Fantasy game where unique people, towns, and monsters make up a whole varried world.
For the record I really like DS but they are completely different beasts. It was really smart of Kojima Productions to make that kind of game for their first one.

RedDevils204d ago

How about No open world. Because that is boring especially in JRPG games.

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Inverno205d ago

Sure if you're planning to make a simulated world, otherwise you probably just suck at time management. Which seeing as this is SE then yeah with the game going through development hell it'd take about that long and still end up being a disappointment.

GoodGuy09205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

Just needs good story and gameplay. Levels and towns aren't too restricted, are returnable, and are of good quality. Stop listening to the open world extremists thinking every game needs one.

Ffxvs world was amazing aesthetic wise but exploration was horrible. Open worlds need to be more about good explortation and fun than looking pretty and just being there to look big.

Furesis205d ago

Yeah it's a tricky thing. A simplified over world would work like the old games but SE these days is all about "high quality" so i don't see them doing that which is a shame. I agree with you on the open world extremists part. Look at FF X, it is one of the most popular ff games and that game also has no open world, just a map where you move from place to place. Although it was turn based so, i don't know.
Truth be told I dont much care what SE does these days, since it's not the same company anymore that made those old games that i loved, but this looks good, open world or not.

andy85205d ago

So he's basically saying any future FF title will never be open world? Other smaller companies manage to make them in far less time. Seems like a bit of a get out and implied FF7 Rebirth will be more closed off than we thought

Eonjay205d ago

It really depends on the scale and level of detail. For example, in a game like No Mans Sky, you have generated planets that lack fine granular detail. If granular detail is an aspect of this game, making an entire open wolrd to scale in a game like this where you are on adventure that extends across an entire world may be a bit too much. On top of that he says that the summons can destroy the map. So keeping the detail super high across a destructable planet sized open world would be a huge task for any team.

stupidusername204d ago

No. He is literally saying FF16 will take 15 years, not all FF games.

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