Nintendo CEO: Wii to Surpass Xbox 360's Installed Base

Speaking to Dean Takahashi during D.I.C.E., the president and chief operating officer of Nintendo of America revealed he anticipates the Nintendo Wii will surpass the installed base of the Xbox 360 with the current sales rate.

"The question is when," Reggie Fils-Aime said. "That's going to be driven by our own sales rate and getting good software released at the right time. It's clear they are slowing down. It's not unthinkable to see that next year we could surpass their installed base."...

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bung tickler4895d ago

even if it does it wont mean anything because the wii is NOT a next gen machine.

Antan4895d ago

Best comment of the year so far!

Razzy4895d ago

The Wii is nothing but a souped up Gamecube.

benny o klaatt4895d ago

it doesn't bother me if it does, good luck to them

TheMART4895d ago

Anything that's cheap sells, watch the PS2 going

But are all those people also buying games is the question?
I even know some people that buy the Wii to play only Wii sports...

rjkc4895d ago

in the uk is just 20£ cheaper than the xbox 360 core i wouldnt call it cheap

EasilyTheBest4895d ago

It bugs me, ppl keep saying the Wii isnt next Gen as always refering to the graphic capibilities of the machine.
So dam what the graphics are not as realistic as 360 and PS3. Its a whole load of FUN playing the games.
Nintendo doesnt give a shxt the graphics aint as good, what company would when they are selling millions of them.
Remember, Nintendo aint losing nothing like what Sony are per console and Im sure they are selling way more games thus far.
Fanboys on here also keep saying that the Wii is just a passing Fad, are you kidding!!! Everyone who has seen my sons Wii wants one, I mean everyone including non non non non gamers.
I was in Game a few days ago and it made me smile that for the first time ever I saw an old woman and man easily both over 70 debating which Wii game to buy.
Nintendo are onto a good thing, and this thing can go on for a long time yet.

bung tickler4895d ago

still doesn't change the fact that the wii is not next gen. in reality they could have just released a new controller for their gamecube to do the same exact thing how ever there is a bad stigma attached to the gamecube, it is viewed as a failure. so they released this "gamecube ver. 2" hardware wise there is very little that separates the wii from the gamecube. would you call a ps2 next gen if all they did was add motion control to a controller? no you wouldn't.

blackmagic4894d ago

oh man, make it stop...
If someone took their hacked xbox and put in some drivers so it would recognize the wiimote would it suddenly, miraculously become next-gen?


Yet the Wii is?! Please. I wouldn't even say that the Wii hardware is that innovative. The technology used for the controller has been around for a long time. Nintendo is just the first to adopt it as the standard. Innovative? No. Pioneering? Yes.

It's more than the graphic capabilities that make a system next gen. It's an improvement across the processing board and like sound measurement, it takes more than double the processing power for someone to perceive a significant improvement over a previous generation. It's a lot more than just pretty graphics although they are integral to the equation.

Next gen is upgrading the capabilities of physics engines, increasing the number of points and accuracy used for collision detection, improved artificial intelligence, positionalmulti channel sound processing, more powerful rendering techniques and finally doing all this better while pushing more objects and polygons on screen in high definition with larger, higher quality textures, advanced lighting, and anti-aliasing(you know, the pretty part). Unfortunately, the Wii is last gen in ALL of these categories except sound where I consider it to be two generations old with it's lowly stereo sound.

Wii, next gen? No.
Wii, pioneering? Yes.

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