Red Dead Online: Funeral today, as Rockstar moves to GTA 6

Red Dead Online: 2018 to 2022. Red Dead Redemption 2 players hold a funeral for the sandbox western, as Rockstar shifts focus to Grand Theft Auto 6

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MadLad436d ago

Rockstar is a joke anymore.

cluclap436d ago

Rockstar doesn't joke anymore?
Rockstar is a joke no more?
Rockstar jokes more?
Idk I give up.

MadLad436d ago

Rockstar. Is. A. Joke. Anymore.
All words being presented in English.

Where's the confusion?

Omegasyde435d ago

^ the word “anymore” at the end. Did you mean anyways?

Juancho51435d ago

Damn, he doubled down on that sentence. Now Im intrigued.

sourOG435d ago (Edited 435d ago )

“Rockstar is a joke these days”
They aren’t native English speakers prob lol. The anymore at the end is confusing them.

sourOG435d ago (Edited 435d ago )

For those confused:

I wouldn’t say using “anymore” in this context is a common phrase but it is widely used. I can see why you are confused but that’s just American English slang. One word can mean 8 different things. Trust me, I hear my Albanian friend bitch about it every day.

In this case context it means the opposite.

1. “GTA doesn’t have single player anymore”
Anymore: It lost something it used to have.


2. “SourOG is an asshole anymore”
Anymore: I am something now but wasn’t before.

That’s the cause of confusion. America.

Juancho51435d ago

Nah dude he doubled down and retyped with the word Anymore at the end. There's something strange going on here.

sourOG435d ago (Edited 435d ago )

It’s not strange to me. I have heard anymore used in this context many times. I can understand why it would be confusing to someone not from here though and it’s why I explained. I’d bet all of the people trashing him aren’t from America lol. Our English is heavily slangified.

QuarkZ435d ago

Anymore means "no longer", not "these days", at least not in that context. Like I responded to someone else here, you are 2 people saying it's common and the rest doesn't understand it, me included. Clearly it's not common, I've never heard it used like that ever.
Sure, you can say that it's not raining anymore, but saying it like this is akin to say "I'm happy anymore" to mean that I'm not, it just makes no sense.

Muigi435d ago

Your a foreigner trying to explain American slang lmao. Your friend is an idiot no offense but literally no one talks like that here.

sourOG435d ago (Edited 435d ago )

In his context he meant “these days”. many words can change based on context. I said I wouldn’t call it common but it is widely used. I don’t hear it everyday but I have heard it a lot. If you are confused that’s fine but he didn’t say anything wrong on a trashing level lol.

You’re*. You also used literally wrong lol. You guys saying this and “nah” and “bruh” are trashing someone for butchering the English language lmao. I use those words too but I’m not hypocrite trying to act proper lol.

I’m not a foreigner wtf lmao. He’s not an idiot he just has a lot of context because he is learning English and American English is different because of slang. Yes people do talk like here lol.

Muigi435d ago (Edited 435d ago )

Ok buddy let’s be my phone’s auto correct. Not until today have I heard anyone, in my entire life say it that way and I use slang plenty as well. I’m sorry but where are you from? Please tell me about American slang and how ‘we’ use it lol.

sourOG435d ago

Well that’s you man lol. I have heard it and I know American slang very well. All forms, Ebonics, southern draw and the rest. I’m American dude lol. I’m from northern VA the DC area.

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F0XH0UND922435d ago

Dude fails with English. Gets called out. Doubles down with failure.


boing1435d ago

Yeah, this comment has the best.

Nineball2112435d ago

What you wrote makes complete sense. Rockstar didn't used to be a joke, but... anymore / currently... they are.

Completely legible, understandable, and frankly true, imo.

QuarkZ435d ago

Anymore doesn't mean currently, it means no longer. I don't know where you or SourOG live but I've never ever heard anymore used in that way, and given the amount of confused people and the two of you saying it makes sense, it seems pretty clear that it's not a common use but some nonsense slang that most people won't get.

sourOG435d ago

He is saying something “is” not “isn’t”, that’s the context that changes the word. He’s basically saying rockstar was great but isn’t any longer. So it still has the meaning of isn’t but he called them what they are currently. It is slang but it’s not nonsense, not any more nonsense than any other American slang lol. I’m not wrong just because you have never heard it used in that context.

Nineball2112435d ago


You've never heard the phrase "I don't love her anymore"? I used to love her, but not anymore.

I've heard it all my life. I still hear it.

Oh well, it's been explained at this point.

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Muigi436d ago

Literal shame we couldn’t even get a next gen patch for RDR2.

lcslick436d ago

Sooooo, it's not actually dead in that they are closing the servers. It's just that it hasn't been updated in a year. It doesn't say anywhere in the article if the severs are actually closing so I'm guessing they aren't. Bad article in my opinion.

isarai436d ago

Yeah, seriously overdramatic imo

JEECE435d ago

Yep. People cry when devs use the term "live service" or "game as a service," but as soon as a multiplayer game is maintained just in a status quo and not as a service , the exact same people start whining about how there's "no support" and how there's no point to play since there are no cartoon oven mitts or Rick and Morty skins to buy.

Sciurus_vulgaris436d ago (Edited 436d ago )

People need to better understand what a dead game actually is. Also, gamers should stop being so entitled.

F0XHOUND436d ago (Edited 436d ago )

This is so over the top its shocking. Yeah, it would've been nice to get a current gen patch for consoles. Yes, online should've maybe had more effort invested from the devs.... but man, the game is still supported in that it's actually online and active for players to enjoy with friends or just login for an hour and waste some time. It's not like Rockstar have stated they are shutting the servers down >.<

Brb, just need to go and attend my Tekken Revolution players annual grief session!