TI 83 Scientific Calculator gets DOOMed

A math wizard turned modder extrordinaire has coded a home made version of Doom onto his TI 83 Scientific Calculator. Sure it looks only slightly less basic than Pong (and its resemblance to Doom is less than striking) but the genius and sheer scale of bringing a playable game to such an awkward piece of hardware is nothing short of staggering.

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closedxxx4899d ago

Doom has been available for download to your TI-83 calculator for over 6 years... I was able to load it onto my calculator back in 1999 when I was in highschool

eclipsegryph4899d ago

While the guy titled the game DOOM, it looked a hell of a lot more like Wolfenstein 3D, what with the gun holding and the potted trees and the death animations and whatnot.

That being said... I'm impressed. That's some hardcore nerdage right there.