WorthPlaying: Midnight Club: LA Remix Review

WorthPlaying writes: "You know, I wish for a minute that Rockstar had taken the driving mechanics from the Midnight Club series and put them in GTA IV because then I might have made fewer trips through my car's windshield and been able to whip around the city like the true baller I am. While that wasn't meant to be, Rockstar did deem the PSP worthy for inclusion in its most recent round of street racing games, launching Midnight Club: L.A. Remix for Sony's struggling handheld. Thankfully, rather than rushing together a sloppy port job, you can tell that Rockstar took its time with this one, and the result is yet another terrific racing game on the PSP."

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FreestyleBarnacle4245d ago

I don't want this to sound defensive but is it correct to call the PSP struggling?