Moto GP Races Across the Finish Line

THQ Inc. today announced the release of MotoGP '06 for the Xbox 360. Developed by Climax, the game has received many accolades for its unparalleled sense of speed, intense gameplay and ultra-realistic visuals. MotoGP '06 is rated "E" for Everyone and is now available worldwide at a suggested retail price of $59.99.

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bumnut5819d ago

loved the demo so i bought the game. i took it back because of terrible framerates, i am now back to the demo

clayton5819d ago

What are you playing on a lcd with a 20ms respnse time? Get a life, the framerates are perfect, no slow downs at all on my box.

FamoAmo5819d ago (Edited 5819d ago )

This is pretty much the same old xbox game!! Better graphics but I thought the demo sucked and its like tennis gets old really fast!

Liverpool4ever5819d ago

you guys hate the demo because you guys S.U.C.K! is it more obvious?

FamoAmo5818d ago

The game was the same as The Old XBOX game!! A little beafed up graphics was all it ahd!! Other than that the game blows balls bro!!

zinnia5819d ago

This games so much fun!, for me it's a must buy if you like to collect the best of the best in each genre.

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