Diablo Immortal: Russian and Belarusian players are banned from playing the game on PC

Russian and Belarusian players have been banned from playing Diablo Immortal on PC, with the new season's update of Diablo Immortal.

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Terry_B325d ago

Great, that will stop the War.

VenomUK323d ago

Sanctions against the Russian & Belarusian government I understand. This move of banning gamers from playing feels like it's crossing a line. It's intended to cause discontent amongst citizens that in the longterm will mean a push to change their governments. But just because there is a war going on companies are effectively demonising the Russian people who've done nothing wrong. I think it would be a better strategy to keep the Russian gaming community interacting with the world than adding to the sense that they are isolated from it.

1nsomniac323d ago (Edited 323d ago )

It has absolutely nothing at all to do with gaming. Not a single thing. It’s punishing innocent civilians. It has no effect on government, infrastructure, economy. This is essentially a direct attack at civvies in order to cause unrest. All it does is provoke hate and cause unrest in mainly groom-able youth population and it’s intentional and people cannot stupidly blame ignorance on pretending they don’t understand it’s as simple as that.

They’re just creating young impressionable people to hate the west to create further war. Because nothing feeds their greed than fuelling the flames of discrimination.

XbladeTeddy323d ago

"This is essentially a direct attack at civvies in order to cause unrest"

Yeah, I'm sure they will now storm Putin's palace waving the banners of Baal due to this decision.

323d ago
DeusFever322d ago

Yes, because we shouldn’t have any sanctions that wouldn’t stop the war. /s

Neonridr324d ago

I find it weird that punishing people that have zero say in the matter is supposed to be spun as a positive.

Crows90323d ago

Under the New world order of political correctness it doesn't matter who you hurt. Not that they're actually being hurt by not playing this game. It's more like they're being helped.

Aussiesummer323d ago

Cause the people will realise what their government has caused beyond the destruction and mayhem of war and maybe revolt.

BrainSyphoned323d ago

We are fighting the war by letting them keep their money!

Pastemaniak323d ago (Edited 323d ago )

Although the article connects the decision to the war, my bet is on Blizzard's inability to keep hackers and bots under control. During this season, people have been complaining about bots farming gold and stuff. So if we put everything together, this would explain why they are banned from the PC launcher but not mobile's.

curtain_swoosh323d ago

so, are these bots and hackers exclusively from russia? lol

Hikoran322d ago

Are they not usually? Lol.

akurtz323d ago

Gotta get that social cred and twitter mob approval. This does nothing but set a very bad precedent

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