Xbox Series X/S consoles continue to see strong sales in Japan

"While there’s no denying that Xbox is a hugely popular, globally recognized brand, it is well documented that Microsoft’s hardware line struggles to find footing on Japanese soil, often trounced by local hero Sony PlayStation. It seems that Gen 9, however, is looking set to shake that precedent up, as the Xbox Series X/S console line appears to be going from strength to strength in regards to sales in Japan."

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darthv72200d ago

I'd say the small stature of the S combined with GP is a pretty good reason for this. cheaper point of entry isnt hurting things either.

Wikkid666200d ago

The small form factor, retro game emulation, price point, and game pass are all things driving sales for the Series S in Japan.

Sgt_Slaughter199d ago

I doubt Game Pass is that important in Japan. They're not huge on digital media, they still prefer physical.

Lifexline199d ago

That has nothing to do with it. The Xbox 360 and Xbox one were pretty cheap and both failed to gain significant traction.

It most likely has to do with brand recognition it is building its name in Japan little by little.

brewin199d ago (Edited 199d ago )

Yes the S was a very savvy business move by MS. Coupled with Gamepass it's a very good value proposition for gamers. There's a lot of bang the buck and Japanese who have never really been into Xbox are now able to check it out without much of a cost barrier. All those Xbox one games they never played are now right there as part of the sub. So there's a huge library of good games right off the bat. It's an incredible way to fill in the time while waiting for the new big games that keep getting delayed.

franwex200d ago

Makes sense as the PS5 may just be a rumor at this point. It’s been almost 2 years and it’s still impossible to get.
While the series s is readily available. Japanese gamers who are hoping to hop to next Gen may pick one up for the time being as the price is attractive.

andy85199d ago

Isn't a rumour here. Both consoles are easy to get in the UK

Orbilator200d ago

Listen Im lucky enough to have both machines, but Microsoft need to get the games out soon, it's so barren, so many great games coming. If there was more AAA games out there then series x would be selling way loads as it's very easy to pick up both s and x now.

Livingthedream200d ago

They’re on the way, and the quality looks to be solid. I still can’t find the X or PS5. The S is not too difficult to find, but it’s commode Knowledge that we still have X and PS5 shortages

Orbilator200d ago

Defo no shortage of series x in UK, even cex sells them for less than retail and that means low demand

VenomCarnage89199d ago

They've been on the way since the 360 era. If we're lucky they'll show up for the next Xbox console

Shiore2u199d ago

Both consoles are pretty barren in terms of software that justifies their existence after two years.

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