Capcom held an Exoprimal network test: Here’s 4 hours of gameplay

From VGC: "Capcom held the first of its planned Exoprimal closed network tests on Sunday, and you can see over 4 hours of gameplay footage captured by content creators below.

Exoprimal was first revealed in March during a PlayStation State of Play presentation. Set in 2043, it has players taking control of an Exofighter as they try to figure out why mysterious vortexes have been opening up, unleashing endless swarms of dinosaurs.

Capcom has a further two network tests planned for the coming weeks, both of which will be held for the Steam version of the game only."

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VersusDMC331d ago

I am intrigued. I need a console demo. Need to see how the shooting feels.

I had fun beating the new aliens game. So i know I'll enjoy shooting thousands of dinosaurs.

BlackDoomAx331d ago

Un peu wtf, mais ça a l'air fun. A test.

Ps: vidéo de 40 min, pas 4h

deadfrag330d ago

Capcom Lost the opportunity to make a new Dino Crisis game to release this piece of crap!