Forspoken Delay Sets Square Enix Up for a Big 2023

Luminous Productions' Forspoken has been pushed back again, this time into 2023, causing it to release alongside many other major Square Enix games.

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ZeekQuattro265d ago

2023 will be big for Square but it won't be because of Forspoken. This is one of those Square games that feels primed to bomb hard and be bargain bin a few weeks in.

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roadkillers265d ago

If it were to release this year, it would be my number 3 anticipated behind Elden Ring and God of War. This game looks great!

SeTTriP265d ago

Don't know what game you've been looking at.

Elda265d ago

Clearly your opinion,not facts.

DarXyde265d ago


I did feel that the showing so far made me think there's an interesting premise and concept there, it's just a matter of showing it which I don't think has been done enough yet. They're taking it seriously, which is why they would even bother delaying it.

I guess what I'm saying is that it's totally worth waiting on and giving a chance. They're clearly reworking some things following the last showing. We may be pleasantly surprised.

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SurgicalMenace265d ago

They're setting up for the Sony acquisition as well. All the writing is on the wall.

porkChop265d ago

If Sony was going to fork up $7B+ for Square Enix they wouldn't be shelling out tons of cash to get multiple timed exclusives. Just FF7R alone would have cost a fortune, and from what we know Sony went back and paid extra to further extend the exclusivity when the PS5 version released. If they were buying the entire company they wouldn't be doing any of this. When a business is looking to make an acquisition they don't spend any money they don't absolutely need to.

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Aloymetal265d ago

Hopefully. That'll be awesome.

SonyStyled265d ago

Hopefully not, and I’m not going to recycle the argument why publisher buyouts aren’t in the best interest to all gamers.

Sonys Square Enix purchase would be fitting historically and culturally, yet shocking and following the trend of publisher buyouts.

iplay1up2265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

Sony isn't going to buy Square! What would a delay of Forspoken make you think that? Oh wait, I might be wrong. They sold, and gave the rights up to Tomb Raider, Dues Ex. Maybe.

SurgicalMenace265d ago

Exactly, no need for TR when you have Uncharted and Dues Ex/Hitman don't fit the Sony mold. They are in need of RPGs to round out their selection.

MadLad265d ago

Yeah; that's not happening.

SurgicalMenace265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

We'll revisit the thread after it's a reality. Stay tuned. My analytics allowed me to see Bungie almost a year and a half out, but the results are all that matter.

Note: After most acquisitions it is in the best interest of the acquirer to net a high enough yield to recover as quickly as possible. What better way than to move all your projected heavy hitters into the same window of said acquisition? I could be wrong....

MadLad264d ago

Absolutely dying of anticipation here lol

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Cackocacho265d ago

If by "Big 2023", you mean a year of big bombs. Well, you may be on to something. I'm guessing you're completely wrong though, and think it will be a successful year for this garbage company.

Someone buy these fools already, and save them from themselves.

CrimsonWing69265d ago

FF16 and FF7 Rebirth are 2 of the biggest games to me that pretty much overshadows most 2023 releases. This is my opinion, of course.

Aussiesummer265d ago

Why do people feel the need to say its their opinion....we know, you wrote it/said it.

CrimsonWing69265d ago (Edited 265d ago )


Because that way people don’t lose their damn minds on here. I added that as a friendly gesture as to not induce conflict… I’d hope people could infer that, but alas I can’t underestimate the predictability of stupidity.

Does that make sense to you now?

curtain_swoosh264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

big bombs?

ff 16 and 7 Rebirth are coming out in that fiscal year.

if anything, those will be huge hits.

i cant speak for Forspiken, but even objectively, you are very wrong.

Ryuk_2007265d ago

Starfield, Spiderman 2, Breath of the Wild 2, RE4, Jedi Fallen Order, Diablo 4, Dead Space, FF16, etc..
2023 is already a bloodbath so good luck Forspoken

FlavorLav01265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

Maybe for GOTY awards, but just because it’s not going to sell more then some others doesn’t mean a game shouldn’t exist/release. We could say goodbye to a lot of games if that were the case. That said, 2023 does look packed with heavy hitters.

jBlakeeper265d ago

So did 2022 and the year before that. It’s said every year that next year looks great for gaming and nearly everything gets delayed. Rinse and repeat. Next year at this time everyone will be saying 2024 looks great.

tagzskie265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

yeah 2023 is good and i cant wait for rebirth and ff16

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