Killzone 2 Documentary - The ISA Crusier writes:

Like swords hanging over the head of the Helghast Empire, the ISA Cruisers hover ominously in the skies over Pyrrhus. Awe-inspiring and fearsome to behold, these towering hulks carry enough firepower to level the city several times over. Their presence sends an unmistakable message to the enemy below: the end is near for Scolar Visari's reign of terror.

Measuring 550 meters in height, each ISA Cruiser can hold a complement of 7,600, including 5,000 soldiers, 600 pilots, 1800 support crew and 200 officers. In addition, it can store up to 160 Intruder-type landing craft and 30,000 metric tons of ammunition for the ship's main defense cannons. Designing and constructing the Cruiser was a massive undertaking for the ISA engineers – and for our developers, as well.

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thereapersson4654d ago

The level of depth that GG puts into the Killzone universe is nearly unmatched.

faisdotal4654d ago

Speaking of Universe's..

The world map on the age/country enter page....

Are these the people currently playing Killzone 2 online?

It'd be nice to have it in the KZ2 multiplayer screen, it's a great psychological trick.

Chubear4653d ago (Edited 4653d ago )

.. but n-o-o-o-o, as long as the gaming gods (editorial reviewers) say it's crap then it is so.

SO many people missed out on KZ1 and even 'till today you still have people who have either never or barely played it, calling it "teh worst FPS EVA!!!"

This is what happens when we let editorial reviewers dictate our gaming experiences. Think about it, had they succeeded in keeping gamer away from KZ1 and million of PS gamers didn't buy KZ1, we wouldn't have had

1)Killzone Liberation: One of the best PSP titles and THE best shooter title on the PSPS

2)Killzone II: Which would have been day light robbery IMO.

We really need to wake up as gamers and stop letting these PR groups, via incentives for gaming sites, shape our own experiences.

BananaSlug4654d ago (Edited 4654d ago )

doesn't Boba Fett own the patent for kick-ass vertical ships?

Fishy Fingers4654d ago (Edited 4654d ago )

Well technically in space there is no vertical or horizontal so I think the ISA will be alright. Plus, Boba Fett "technically" probably hasn't even been born (cloned) yet :)

stevenhiggster4653d ago

What are you on ya nut, Boba Fett aint a clone he's Jango's son. And anyhow that all happened years ago, don't you read the thing at the beggining 'A LONG TIME AGO in a galaxy far far away'.


hynesa024653d ago he is actually, Boba Fett IS a clone...which jango chose to have as his son...

Kyur4ThePain4654d ago

Be sure to also check out this piece - a wondeful read!

The Early Helghan Era

Nineball21124654d ago

Wow... interesting read! Thanks for the link.

stevenhiggster4653d ago

That was a good read. Actually makes you feel sorry for the Helghast!

cmrbe4653d ago

I had a feeling that the Humans are actually at fault.

Kyur4ThePain4653d ago

I agree with feeling bad for them.
I wonder if the story will take a turn in the next installment. Maybe the ISA become the bad guys and we play as the Helghast and reclaim what was taken from them.

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originalrece4654d ago

Reminds me of Riddick cool looking ships

Resistance24654d ago

i cant wait for this game its in my top 5 wit RE5, alan wake, GOW3 and uncharted 2....well theres another one dead island for 360

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