Alan Wake 2

Sam Lake:

Shoots ongoing with our stellar cast of actors. We’ve written a ton of pages with
@yourpalclay, more than ever, I think (this story is a monster). More to come still after a short summer break from this dark place called the writers’ room.

Gridknac333d ago

Well to be honest, the story was the "monster" in the first one! LOL

ShadowWolf712332d ago

More a conduit for it, really.

RaidenBlack333d ago

This gen is doing the AAA horror resurgence just fine.
Keep 'em coming.

sourOG333d ago

Condemned criminal orgins remaster would be sick. I don’t even remember who made that game lol. But Xbox should fund that exclusive again. I would prefer multi platform but a Publisher is going to have to kickstart that dead franchise or it won’t happen at all. MS did it for 360, I don’t even think that launched on PC but I could be wrong. I know bloodshot was multi

RaidenBlack333d ago

Monolith. And their iconic lithtech engine.
Criminal Origins was on PC. Not knowing what I was getting into, I got pretty scared whilst playing the game.
The dumbed down sequel, Bloodshot was console exclusive.
Sadly they've moved on. No more games from the iconic FEAR, NOLF or Condemned franchises.
Now they're doing strictly WB licensed games. Mordor and now the upcoming Wonder Woman title.

babadivad333d ago

The creepiest game I've ever played. Literally the only game that had me legitimately "scared" while playing.

What they did with audio and visual to amplify the atmosphere of insanity was superb.

sourOG333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

Monolith that’s right. Condemned and fear to Wonder Woman lol… explains why I forgot. Well now we know who Ms needs to buy next. Pick up netherrealm and save rocksteady while your at it.

Same here. My favorite horror game easily.

MrBaskerville332d ago (Edited 332d ago )

And even worse, no good sequel to Blood.

They have a great catalog, a shame it's going to waste.

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aaronaton333d ago

More pages = better story? Have I just awaken from a 20yr coma?

FlavorLav01332d ago

Have some faith in Sam Lake. What game has he failed to deliver on an amazing an original experience. He’s one of the few with an untarnished resume.

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