P.T. Successor MADiSON will make you sleep with the lights on

Richard writes: "Who says that horror games are just for October?! Within recent weeks there have been the likes of The Quarry, FOBIA - St Dinfna Hotel and Oxide Room 104 all offering scares. This latest release may just be the scariest of the lot though. MADiSON is out today on Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and PC."

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Levii_92329d ago

The Quarry .. truly one of the most horrific gaming experiences out there.

smolinsk329d ago

The Quarry? Lame teenager point and click game, really not scary in any way.

Levii_92329d ago

Yeah that’s what i meant. 😂

NJShadow328d ago

It was such a let down. It ALMOST had a good thing going, and then it went completely into "un-scary" territory.

MrNinosan329d ago (Edited 329d ago )

MADiSON is NOT the successor of P.T and the only thing that is "common" is that it is a First Person Horror... Like so many other horror games.

rippermcrip328d ago

Should this article not be disapproved due to the false information? This game has nothing to do with PT. Click bait lying headline.

Stanjara328d ago

So a game is first person and has a door???

PT successor, PT real release, PT phone home, PT - is this real life... no it's PT.

mastershredder328d ago

According to Richard at thexboxhub, inspired by =an official successor.

So all those lame fan-made deviant-art-level spinoffs are now a official. Thanks Richard!

sourOG328d ago (Edited 328d ago )

That is something a dick would say. /jokes

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