RoboCop: Rogue City | Gameplay Reveal

"Welcome to Detroit; crime runs rampant as the city lies on the edge of ruin, people fighting for scraps as others live extravagant lives of luxury. Control of the Detroit Police Department is given to the Omni Consumer Products corporation in an attempt to restore order. You are that solution, RoboCop, a cyborg tasked with protecting the city.

The triumphant return of RoboCop wouldn’t feel right without the man who brought so much life into the role, and we’re excited to reveal that Peter Weller will be performing voiceover work on the game. Enjoy this first look at gameplay and for the record, “dead or alive, you’re coming with me!”

RoboCop: Rogue City will be coming to PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch in June 2023."

ZeekQuattro511d ago

Can you fly Bobby? Don't know how good this will ultimately be but I'm certainly interested. It's been ages since I played a Robocop videogame.

darthv72511d ago

the same outfit is doing a terminator game. Id love to see them merge the two and reboot robocop vs terminator.

ZeekQuattro511d ago

Back then Orion owned both Robocop and Terminator. Not sure owns the rights now but that would be cool.

Dirty_Lemons511d ago

They did wayyyyy back on the SNES!

bloop511d ago

I'd buy that for a dollar.

isarai511d ago

This actually looks so fun to me, just classic FPS fun

robtion511d ago

Looks like my kind of game. This and Cyberpunk 2077 make me wish for a new Judge Dredd game even more.

mkis007511d ago

man a dredd game with an open world megacity...with the right amount of interactivity it could be what cyberpunk should have been.

shinoff2183511d ago

Didnt get to watch the video yet i swear i hope it aint online multiplayer. Please be single player

sourOG511d ago

Looks like a proper story game. It looks pretty dope honestly. It’s fps but it looks weird and brutal enough to get me a bit hyped. I would have preferred third person.

Number1TailzFan511d ago

A game can have both fun online MP and great single player, late 90's/early 2000's PC games showed us that.

ghostrider32511d ago

Knowing RoboCop, it'll be a single player experience.

porkChop511d ago

Oh man, they've even got Peter Weller. That looks pretty fun.

ZwVw511d ago

Peter Weller returning to voice Robocop once again, confirmed.