Why The Xbox 720 Will Not Use Blu-Ray

When Sony first announced that they would be using the new Blu-Ray format for the PlayStation 3 Microsoft stated that Blu-Ray is a format that is not needed for gaming. This has obviously been proven wrong over the past years with the recent success of the Blu-Ray format.

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Nick2120044422d ago

EXACTLY!!! The point of this article is not about what the new Xbox will be called. That is why if you read the article you will see it states that. Who cares what the next Xbox is called.

Sanzee4422d ago (Edited 4422d ago )

You two lovebirds are a shining tribute to irony. Both of you have clearly stated "Who cares about the 720 or the next Xbox"

Well apparantly something caught your interest. Why the hell else would you have clicked on the article link, and even more, started posting comments about it.

I don't care that 'you dont care about the next xbox' but I do care about the fact that your actions could be viewed as a direct insult to mankind's ability to reason and think logically.

Nick2120044422d ago

The whole purpose of this article is what the topic states. It is not about what the next xbox will be called. Its main point is to explain why blu-ray will not be used in the next xbox

InMyOpinion4422d ago (Edited 4422d ago )

Why do you even need to ask that question?

Why the f*ck would MS use a format that's been developed by it's biggest rival in the console industry? They've already stated this several times:

“We believe that we shouldn’t force people to pay for things they don’t want. We also believe that the future is digital, and that’s why we’ve invested in a massive library of entertainment content, that’s why we’re bringing things like Netflix to members in the U.S., that’s why we’re growing our library in Europe, that’s why we’re adding all type of entertainment experiences around the world,”

Good flamebait article though.

PotNoodle4422d ago

Microsoft used the CD did they not? Sony developed that.
Microsoft USE the DVD do they not? Sony co-developed that.

It has nothing to do with the rivalry, just the fact microsoft obviously don't think it is needed at the moment, their sales back up that statement.

InMyOpinion4422d ago

Wrong and wrong

James Russel invented the CD.

Philips manufactured the first CD.

Philips, one of the first companies to make CD players, was the first to make a DVD player. The invention of DVD cannot be attributed to one person or one company.

Check your facts the next time.

jcfilth4422d ago (Edited 4422d ago )

"Why The Xbox 720 Will Not Use Blu-Ray"

Because Microsoft is dumb.

"Why The Xbox 720 WILL use Blu-Ray"

After seeing the new BD from Pioneer, there will be no other format to compete with BD.

If MS is trying to go with Digital Downloads they will miserably fail, the world is still not ready for that, from connection speed to the cost of storage devices big enough to fit many games. Games are getting bigger and more detailed, and that requires A LOT of space.

The next Xbox WILL use BD.

Elven64422d ago

@DeathroW22: Please get your facts straight, Sony DID NOT have much do do with the creation of DVD. Toshiba, Time Warner, Matsushita Electric, Hitachi, Mitsubishi Electric, Pioneer, Thomson, and JVC created it and it competed with a rival Sony/Phillips product in a test market I believe. The Sony product lost and everyone who was on the "losing" side was brought over to finish up DVD, the DVD has we know it has very little to do with Sony.

blackbeld4421d ago (Edited 4421d ago )

@jenzo , @eleven6... Philips AND Sony created it you should check you're facts you moron!!!

go to Wikipedia and learn to read before writing spam!!

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sonarus4422d ago

I can't really say bluray needed for gaming has been proven wrong but i can say i value the fact that my PS3 can play bluray movies A LOT

Danja4422d ago (Edited 4422d ago )

Blu Ray is good for gaming , but it's not really needed at this point in time to a certain extent since DVD has been able to hold it own still....but having a Blu Ray drive in the PS3 is freakin awesome....more bang 4 the buck..

The article basically says that M$ will go with a new format I dont see this happenning im sure M$ will go wiht Blu Ray next time around and Sony will again use Blu Ray.

M$ would be dumb to try and come out with a new format or back anew format especially since by the time the next Xbox or PS consoles are ready to ship we will probably already have 200GB Blu Ray disc..up and running

Nick2120044422d ago (Edited 4422d ago )

No offense but I think you read the article a little wrong. It states in the article

"When Sony first announced that they would be using the new Blu-Ray format for the PlayStation 3 Microsoft stated that Blu-Ray is a format that is not needed for gaming. This has obviously been proven wrong over the past years with the recent success of the Blu-Ray format."

Which means Microsoft was wrong about saying Blu-Ray is not needed.

Mr_Bun4422d ago (Edited 4422d ago )

Because Ballmer chooses pride over logic...Plus he would have to eat his words seeing as he bashes the format at every opportunity.

thereapersson4422d ago

Well what format are they going to use? HD-DVD?

I sure as hell hope they don't continue using DVD9. We need to progress in this world, tech-wise, and not stay stuck in the past with each new hardware iteration.

UltimateIdiot9114422d ago

These fanboys really hate progress. I can't understand why you would rather have DVD9 than a better format, doesn't necessary have to be bluray but who doesn't want a better format. Unless, they are afraid of a steep initial price and paying for all those accessories, XBL and overprice harddrive.

solidt124422d ago

I don't understand why they wouldn't use Blu-ray. If they try to introduce a new format they will take too big of a risk of failing. I understand that you have to take risk in this business but Blu-ray already has a big portion of the market and is the only option today, by the time the next Xbox comes out the Blu-ray market would have grown exponentially.

tordavis4422d ago

Microsoft COULD use Blu-Ray but it would be cheaper for them to go with 100gb HD-DVD.

Silver3604422d ago

MS will not alienate customers. How could they release a console without a movie player? If movies are in Blu-Ray so will be the 720's disc drive.

hitthegspot4422d ago

"Which means Microsoft was wrong about saying Blu-Ray is not needed."

MS was not wrong. When MS made those statements we were up to our necks in a format war. They were backing another format and that format lost.

Sony needs to fix the Blu-Ray licensing before Blu-Ray will be adopted into any other devices. Mac even stated that they do not like the licensing Sony has and that is what is preventing them from adding a Blu-Ray drive to their laptops.

Armyless4422d ago

because there's a large market of 360 fans who will need a Blu Ray player eventually anyway... why not get one with the 720 instead of letting Sony keep that market to themselves.

The 720 will have Blu Ray.

cwir4422d ago

"MS was not wrong. When MS made those statements we were up to our necks in a format war. They were backing another format and that format lost."

So they were wrong :)

"Sony needs to fix the Blu-Ray licensing before Blu-Ray will be adopted into any other devices. Mac even stated that they do not like the licensing Sony has and that is what is preventing them from adding a Blu-Ray drive to their laptops."

That may be right. But who's going to loose on this? A month ago I was buying a laptop for my girlfriend and we couldn't decide whether to go with MacBook or Vaio. She didn't really care about the insides, more about the look (women..). Eventually we got a nice Vaio and guess because of what? It had a blu ray drive (and writer). And since I alredy have a small (but nice :) collection of Blu Ray movies, everyone is happy (except Apple :P)..

And about the article: MS going for Blu Ray with their next console seems to me like a much wiser choice, but I can't see them doing it :). Like someone here said - they'd rather spend/waste millions on something else (new or not) than help Sony earn money :)

AAACE54422d ago

But in all honesty, I don't care what format they use, as long as it has the games I want to play!

If nintendo came with games I wanted to play and put them on a cartridge... I would pick that to play on!

I expect MS to go with whatever format is cheaper and offers more than what they have now! If Blu-ray is cheaper to them at the time... they will use that! If a newer format is cheaper and/or offers something they feel they could use, they will go with that!

More than likely, it will be a Blu-ray player! They haven't even started using the faster players yet, so there is still alot of untapped potential in the format.

I believe they said the Ps3 was using a 1x or 2x speed. Imagine a 16 or 32x... One of the reasons the Ps3 has mandatory installs, is to offset the slow speed. Imagine how great the Ps4 will be with a faster speed!

Blu-ray is going to be here for a bit people... you should get to know it!

uie4rhig4422d ago

MS is a company.. no matter how much Ballmer hates bluray... having bluray in their next console means that there are more customers.. and companies love new customers.. if they're happy or not.. as long as it makes them money they don't care...

Elven64422d ago

Blu Ray is cool and all but just because one console is using it dosen't mean its a standard gaming format. Sure they could use Blu Ray, or they can make a properiatary format specifically for gaming (See GD ROM) hell they could even get their hands on HD DVD discs and tweak the specs to their needs, the licensing would be dirt cheap.

hitthegspot4422d ago

When MS made the statement they were not wrong, because there was three options and they picked DVD. They were not going to go with Sony, they would have to wait to go with HD-DVD and if they use DVD (as they did) they can put out games for less money. This is the heart of the reason why Sony is in last place. If space is an issue then there are other technologies and option other than Blu-Ray, and in 2010 who knows what options will be there.

Elven64422d ago

DVD made great strides during the Format War as well, companies were able to add more layers to the thing in turn increasing overall storage, a pimped out DVD could be in the realm of possibility.

Tomdc4422d ago

They can't use DVD that's for sure, making things download only wouldn't work... It's gotta be blu-ray unless a newer format comes along, but I don't think that will happen before the next xbox

jadenkorri4422d ago

first all Sony is MS you honestly think they are gonna support sony, even if they try there own format, thats 3-4 years from now, blue ray will be majorly more popular, and will be just as hard to go up against...all you 360 fanboys said blu ray would fail, the public has already proven and shown you its not... MS would have to go up against blu ray now in order to elimate it now, or to even give their new format a chance, in 3-4 years will be too late as blu ray will be the popular format, its likely MS will try their own format cause supporting blu ray is not an option...

iHEARTboobs4422d ago

They wont come out with a new format because "Digital downloads are the future" and because they'll want to have backwards compatibility. Investing in a new format would be silly for them so they'll adopt what's out there and that will be Blu-ray. But lets just hope they upgrade from DVD9.

hitthegspot4422d ago

What are you talking about? Blu-ray is good for only two things..

Movies and storage.

MS is not a movie studio so they are going to focus on the later. MS will continue to work with NetFlix and who ever else offers HD down loads. This will allow MS to build their next gen using a storage medium that can hold more data then DVD and not use Blu-ray.

meluvulongtime4422d ago (Edited 4422d ago )

Microsoft does have a couple options, but none of the them are really viable. DD isn't an option because you instantly will lose sales from anyone without high speed internet, not to mention isp bandwidth caps aren't going to disappear.

HD-DVD isn't really much of an option either because you'll cut out the ability to watch blu-ray movies on it. Creating a new format would make MS have to spend more money. This option doesn't stand to gain anything. There's basically zero chance it would be used for movies because Blu ray has the support of all major movie studios and they aren't going to change their stance just as Blu ray is starting to take off.

If they really want to try and dodge Blu-ray as much as they can their best option would be HD-DVD and then create an attachable Blu ray drive like they did with HD-DVD for the 360. Then they could dodge supporting Blu ray with each console purchase and yet give consumers the option to buy one.

Not sure if it would be cheaper though to put a HD-DVD drive in the machine vs. a Blu ray drive seeing as the longer Blu ray is around the price stands to drop. Personally I think it will be in MS's best interest to go with Blu-ray.

season0074422d ago

don't you think consumers would have aware that PS1 brings in CD, PS2 brings in DVD, PS3 brings in Blu rays.....o Well

Whoever wants to compete with PS4 with whatever format, needs to have second thought

hitthegspot4422d ago

Good post. You would be correct if we were talking about a system that MS is going to release next year. But MS is talking about 2010. By that time HS internet will be the norm, HD movie downloads will be abundant, and storage technologies that are just comming to light today will be well ready for MS to pick from. It's just a medium to store data this will not impact how software is created just stored and read from.

uie4rhig4422d ago

its SCE (Sony Computer Entertainment) and MGS (Microsoft Game Studios) that are the rivals ;)

eych4422d ago

2010 is actually only a year and a week ahead. Not a lot of time for high speed internet to become common enough.

TheExecutive4422d ago

If it is close to the dominant form of movie distribution by the time the 720 comes out they will use bluray. I wont buy their console if it still uses dvd's. end of story.

jammy_704422d ago

how the hell do they no if blueray wont be in the new console? they probz av no idea hehe foools

if 720 uses DVD's it will suck i mean surely a dvd cant handle that much more!!!

BattleAxe4422d ago

@ Tordavis

Toshiba is not manufacturing HD DVD anymore so I don't get how you think it would be cheaper to use HD DVD when Blu-Ray is well established and is being mass produced. For a guy who has his own Video Game Website, you sure do say some things that make absolutely no sense.

patterson4422d ago (Edited 4422d ago )

... it would make sense that M$ will use Blu-ray in their next xbox, because they're already paying SONY for using DVD tech.

In case anybody is curious, here's the low down on the licensing of DVD's:

"Any company making DVD products must license essential technology patents from the " 3C ' pool (LG, Philips, Pioneer, Sony: 3.5% per player/drive, minimum $3.50; additional $0.75 for Video CD compatibility; 5 cents per disc), the " 6C " pool (Hitachi, IBM, Matsushita, Mitsubishi, Time Warner, Toshiba, Victor: 4% per player/drive, minimum $4; 4% per "DVD Video decoder", minimum $1; 7.5 cents per disc) and from Thomson (~$1 per player/drive). Patent royalties may also be owed to Discovision Associates , which owns about 1300 optical disc patents (usually paid by the replicator)."

Megatron084422d ago

Well I dont think they will use blu ray and I dont think they will bring out a new format. I think there is a good chance that they might go with putting games on flash sticks. You can get 16 and 32 gb ones really cheap and in a few years they will be even cheaper. I dont think you need more than 16-32 for 99% of the games that will come out. It be kind of like goin back to the nes and snes days lol

Rofflecopter4422d ago

1. i dont think that flash drives will be cheaper to mass produce than blu ray.. and by the time the new xbox launches bluray reading speeds will be much faster and creating the discs themselves will be cheaper. on top of that, why alienate your console by not allowing your consumers to watch movies on the format that is most prevalent? it would be like launching without any movie watching abilities.

2. i dont believe that digital downloads are the future. 99% of people would still want a physical copy of it. I dont trust my computer as it is, and what happens if your hard drive craps out? or your subscription to LIVE isnt paid for and you cant reactivate your account? screw RROD, people would be pissed at losing everything! especially something as expensive as games..

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madmonkey04422d ago

who said that if there is a new xbox it will be called 720.

Nick2120044422d ago (Edited 4422d ago )

That is why it states in the article

"Even though there is much doubt that it will come to the 360 there are many people wondering if the Xbox 720, or the next Xbox, will use the Blu-Ray format."

BIGBAER4422d ago

will not be named Xbos 720.It is just a speculative phrase used by some when referencing the Xbox 360's successor.

jamesrocks31474422d ago

download limits and internet speeds come into it its just not possible unless we get fibre optic internet all over the world. its obv they will use ether blu-ray or.... a none disc based format like flash data. its getting smaller these days and bigger samsung are bringing out a 64GB data stick thats the size of your thumb nail in 2009 imagen the possiblitys...

jadenkorri4422d ago

every 360 fanboy gonna start praising blu ray, and blu ray is failing articles will at least go away on this site, of course anyone of these fanboys are gonna get a firm kick in the a$$ if they praise it after seeing all these articles posted they don't have a right to praise it...they lost their privaledges....

Douglasp4422d ago

Other than DSL, cable and fiber are the way to go. My brother has fios and getting 20mb down and 5mb up. I have Cable and get 16mb down and 2mb up. When docsis 3.0 comes out cable will be at 50mb down. Where I work and live connections of 10mb or higher are becoming the norm. In 2011 when the new box comes out it will be perfect for download only box. A client of mine just bought a sony Viao laptop with flash drive of 85gb built in. Vista loads from the flash drive not a spinning drive. Technology moves more advanced every year. Faster than what we would like to think.

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Sanzee4422d ago

This is great news.

Of course it is very OBVIOUS news, considering the fact that Sony owns most of the Blu-Ray market, which explains why Microsoft wouldn't put it in. I just don't like Blu-Ray. It has nothing to do with being an Xbox fan, or being a Sony fan. I've seen movies in Blu-Ray, and yes, they look awesome, but Blu-Ray isn't that impressive.

The jump from VHS to DVD was HUGE. The jump from DVD to Blu-Ray was wack as hell. HD-DVD sucked even worse. Either way, Blu-Ray will soon be a thing of the past. You know that someone will come out with something 10x better in the near future. They already have actually.

Mankind can do a whole lot better than Blu-Ray or HD-DVD. In terms of movies and videos, this generation didn't succeed.

hfaze4422d ago

"The jump from VHS to DVD was HUGE. The jump from DVD to Blu-Ray was wack as hell. HD-DVD sucked even worse. Either way, Blu-Ray will soon be a thing of the past. You know that someone will come out with something 10x better in the near future. They already have actually."

Ummm... the biggest thing about the jump from VHS to DVD was the fact that you didn't have to rewind anymore... If you compare S-VHS to DVD, you'll notice very little difference. The thing that prevented S-VHS from taking off was lack of studio support (far too few S-VHS decks out there to really be feasible).

The thing that will KEEP Blu-Ray around is the fact that every major studio has now standardized on Blu-Ray. Now that the production costs are WAY down and there is a sizable number of players out there in people's homes, what makes you think that Hollywood will be willing to jump to yet another new format anytime soon?

Also, if Microsoft wants to continue pushing their XBox line as a multimedia center, it would only make sense to include the current standard for optical discs in their console.

jtucker784422d ago (Edited 4422d ago )

VHS - 320 x 480 = 153,600 ... then factor in that it's interlaced
= 76,800 pixels each time the screen refreshes

DVD - 720 x 480 = 345,600 ... then factor in that it's interlaced
= 172,800 pixels each time the screen refreshes

Blu ray - 1920 x 1080 = 2,073,600 ... and blu ray is progressive and not interlaced so
= 2,073,600

VHS - 76,800
DVD - 172,800
Blu ray - 2,073,600

VHS to DVD was moving to a digital format with a slight picture upgrade.
DVD to Blu ray was to improve quality... a lot.

Bandwidth comparison

Apple TV 720p HD 4 MBit/s
Netflix HD streaming max 3800 kbps
DVD SD 10 Mbits/s
broadcast and cable HD movies 720p 19 Mbits/s

And way way way in the lead...
Blu ray at 36 Mbit/s

Have you seen how grey and colourless DVD and HD downloads from Netflix are in comparison to the vivid colours you get on blu ray?

It will be a long time before bandwidths are high enough for (non illegal) downloadable movies to even compete with blu ray.

You fail Sanzee.

ukilnme4422d ago

By no means is Blu-ray needed for gaming, the 360 has more than proven that. To say there is not much of a difference from DVD to Blu-ray is crazy IMO. As long as I can continue to afford it, I will only watch movies on Blu-ray.