PAX organiser ReedPop is officially taking over E3: ‘We’ll reshape what didn’t work’

From VGC: "The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) announced the news on Thursday following recent confirmation that the flagship show will return in June 2023 for its first in-person event in four years.

As well as running high profile events in the US and Europe, ReedPop is the owner of Gamer Network, which runs websites such as Eurogamer, and Rock Paper Shotgun, and is the network partner of VGC.

Commenting on the news, ReedPop said E3 2023 would welcome back “publishers, developers, journalists, content creators, manufacturers, buyers, and licensors”, and also highlight digital showcases and feature “in-person consumer components”."

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GoodGuy09268d ago (Edited 268d ago )

I hope this is good news? I miss e3. It had it's problems which could always be fixed. It was always where all the news would pop up and actually give publishers and devs a deadline to show something instead of showing off whatever whenever inconsistently like how it is right now.
And ofc it being in person, hearing the crowd reactions, etc etc.

luckytrouble268d ago (Edited 268d ago )

Honestly being pressured to have something to show might be the biggest problem with E3. With modern development times, it's just not realistic to expect major developers and publishers to all have their own group of big announcements ready for June every single year. I mean, how many Metroid Prime 4s have been announced in the past couple of years since companies were allowed to better dictate the pace of their announcements? Games that are clearly barely even started if at all like Elder Scrolls 6? How much better do game announcements and trailers stick in your brain when they're staggered versus just being a moment of hype among a couple hundred other trailers being rapidly thrown at you?

E3 had its place once upon a time, but I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to trace back many, many, many far too early game announcements in the past 15 years to the event. You see the freedom for announcements as annoying while it really just means you get to spend far less time waiting for things that may never even happen, with the staggering of announcements making each one much more memorable.

GoodGuy09268d ago

I'd just rather have well known events that are consistent to be used as showcases rather than randomly placed out of nowhere online showcases.
The main issue with e3 was the behind the scenes stuff really, which can always be something that gets fixed with new leadership. They could also provide stages and events for the big 3 and publishers instead of charging them rediculous amounts in order to keep them coming back, as they are the main reasons ppl go to e3. But ofc I'm sure it's a lot more complicated than that cuz I wouldn't know lol.

It's too bad we don't get that christmas time for gamers event anymore. Comics have comic con, anime fans have anime expo, twitch has twitch con, gamers deserve something like that as well.

Lightning77268d ago

He has a big heel to climb. Most pubs are doing their own thing now. Even Geoffs SGF struggled for big AAA publishers which turned into a fairly lack luster show.

Maybe MS will show up because they love to "wait for E3" but they'll have to convince Sony and others to join.

Mr_cheese268d ago

I really loved the good old days of E3. Completely understand why the companies have chosen to go the solo route but I do miss the hype and circus that was the E3 week

annoyedgamer268d ago (Edited 268d ago )

Base it in Europe and bring back playable demos and booth babes.

But its ReedPop, no chance of that happening,

AuraAbjure268d ago

Yay! It's the energy that counts! Can't digitize the smells either.

TheColbertinator268d ago

Every ticket to E3 should include a Arm & Hammer travel size deodorant

Obscure_Observer268d ago

Jim Ryan will find some lame/idiotic excuse and skip that as well. Be that with or without ReedPop.

jznrpg268d ago

No reason for any big company to go to these shows . You don’t even know who is signing up and assume everyone else will .

TheColbertinator268d ago

Sony has lousy conferences constantly so I don't know why you even think about them when it comes to E3.

EvertonFC268d ago Show
DOMination-268d ago

The conferences don't really have anything to do with E3, they are just events that traditionally were planned to coincide with it because it made sense 25 years ago. In the context of this article, E3 means the trade event.

Aloymetal268d ago (Edited 268d ago )

''Sony has lousy conferences constantly''
Yet they hold the record with most views and practically break the internet with their own shows whether is a plain PS logo, hardware reveals or games so go figure. I guess people around the globe love to watch these ''lousy conferences'' from Sony.
Here are some facts...


lodossrage268d ago

Why just hit Sony with that?

Why not hit EVERY company that bypassed E3? Even before the pandemic vendors were skipping E3

Obscure_Observer268d ago

"Why just hit Sony with that?"

The problem is Jim Ryan, not Sony. I want Sony to come back to E3 (among all major gaming events for the matter), but that moron keeps getting in the way.

isarai268d ago

HECK YEAH! the ESA really did not want to address their severely lacking cyber security which is why everyone was leaving E3 to start with. Hopefully that weird stubbornness is gone with the takeover and we see a unified showing again. I miss taking a day off, ordering some great food and watching the livestream with friends. I hope this gets us back to that 🙏

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